Tainted Shoreline


This area is located Outside the slags.

This area is outdoors, aboveground, on the shore.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
coffee.jpg HelicopterDrone.jpg
Wandering the beach, you see a flicker of red light against the dark waves. Looking back towards its source, you see a compact flying drone bearing down on you in complete silence.
Eclipse.jpg flying-eye.jpg
As you wander the beach, you're surprised to hear the sound of wings. You haven't seen so much as a seagull since you got here.

Glancing up, you see something much more disturbing than a seagull looking back down.
The ground collapses underneath you, spilling you into a sinkhole where writhing tentacles and a beaked maw await.

You've gained 1 energy of In a Pit
Eclipse.jpg GrossSerpent.jpg
As you make your way along the beach, you hear a terrible roar. When you glance in its direction, a massive serpent rises out of the water.

Slime rolls off it in strange patterns that… you should probably think about that more later, as the serpent intends to make a snack out of you.
Eclipse.jpg UnsewnZombie.jpg
As you make your way along the beach, a massive blast of sand rains down on you. A corpse, its eyes lit with rage, pulls itself from its sandy tomb and rushes you. Only when a servant of the mask. It will still come back even after killing it.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Eclipse.jpg Buried Treasure Get ancient treasure chest Asking an Unsilenced Corpse (choice encounter, below) about treausre unlocks one instance of this encounter (doesn't stack).
coffee.jpg Bloated Carcass Get 2-3 of the following: anchor chain, damp seaweed, lake pearl, partially digested fish
Freak Storm Gain 5 energy of Slags Poisoning. Only if not equipped with an air filter
fishingpole.jpg Shoreline Fishing Get various fishing results
Eclipse.jpg Ocean Singing Get 10 energy of Ocean Song, or 25 with Ocean Sight Only with no Ocean Song active, probably not with Fae Sight either
PDA.jpg Faint Shipping Signal Hack Shipping Drone Net Only with juryrigged antenna and computer
Downed Drone Gain XP or items After exploding a shipping drone via Guidance System (Shoreline)

Choice Encounters

coffee.jpg Andrea the Grad Student
  1. Walk up to chat
    1. Yes, please help me - Heals ?-31-34-? HP if hurt, otherwise get a lukewarm latte
    2. I'm from Dr. Myers Only if you've talked to Dr. Myers about her
      1. I'll go - Fight 2 writhing masses, gain 21-40 HP post-fight; if successful complete quest
      2. Not right now - Nothing
    3. I'd rather help you - Gain 2 XP, get 2-3 items from the following: lake pearl, anchor chain, damp seaweed, partially digested fish
    4. What are you doing?
      1. You need Eclipse (Only if on Dr. Thomas Quest)
        1. I could sell you some
          1. Alright, free - lose crate of Eclipse, gain progress in Dr. Thomas quest; changes intro text for this adventure
          2. Sorry, nevermind - Nothing?
        2. Here, have some - lose crate of Eclipse, gain progress in Dr. Thomas quest
        3. Have a good day - Nothing
      2. Good luck - Nothing
    5. Found anything out? - Learn recipe for Tendril Ointment or Powerful Acid or Agar Powder or Sheet of Scales or Sushi Nori AND for Slags Roll AND gain Slags Roll or gain 4 XP in Perception.
    6. About my healing - (Only after she heals you and then ask for help at full HP):
      1. You needed a sample? - (Only if you haven't given a sample:) Gain 20 energy of Blood Loss
      2. How's the sample? - (Only after waiting a day) Gain personal serum if not first time
      3. Any theories? - information
      4. Give her serum powder - (Only with serum powder) Lose powder
      5. Nevermind - Nothing
    7. Halloween - information
    8. Gotta go! - Nothing
  2. Follow her - Gain 4 XP in Strength or Reflexes or Will
  3. Leave her be - Nothing

Eclipse.jpg Faerie at the Nest - Only if you have Fae Sight and you haven't helped Andrea the Grad Student successfully steal eggs
  1. Steal an egg - acquire spherical egg
  2. Destroy the eggs - (3 Evil) heal 21-29? hp, 10 energy of Fae Blessing.
  3. Leave the eggs alone - Nothing but triggers Warm Coin?

Eclipse.jpg (fishingpole.jpg) Massive Oil Slick
  1. Take the northern path
    1. Parallel the shore
    2. Dead ahead - random option
    3. Head right - random option
    4. Turn back - Nothing
  2. Take the southern path
    1. Head into deep water - random option
    2. Head towards shore - random option
    3. Continue mostly forward - random option
    4. Turn back - Nothing
  3. Stay to the middle
    1. Head left - random option
    2. Head right - random option
    3. Head back - Nothing
  4. Meditate here instead - (If Etheric and Poltergeist Spark)// Gain 20 energy of Slags Poisoning, Regain 21-27? HP, learn Toxic Grip
  5. Ignore it - Nothing
  6. Each of the above lead to one of the following (randomized per player, per reset)

Eclipse.jpg Beach Corpse - Only during the Ship of the Damned
  1. Stand your ground - Fight waterlogged corpse
  2. Toss it the gourd - Free the corpse
  3. Break and run - Nothing

(fishingpole.jpg) Lungs of Lead - Only if you've agreed to recover the arms dealer's lost shipment
  1. Dive In! - take 18-20 damage and 20 Slags Poisoning or in containment suit Fight 2 Writhing Masses or Gain deteriorating shipment
  2. Fish for it Gain 2? of: damp seaweed, empty can, lake bluegill, lake perch, partially digested fish, waterlogged shirt, withered tendrils, or with high test Gain deteriorating shipment and 4 XP Strength
  3. Hook it with your chain - (Only with chain weapon) Gain 2 damp seaweed or deteriorating shipment
  4. Ignore it - Walk away

Wrinkled Fisherman - Only with a fishing pole equipped

  1. Talk fishing - ?
  2. Share the fishing spot - ?
  3. Toss it the gourd - Fight ?
  4. Leave him be - Nothing
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