Target Gallery


Cost 25 Profit
Prerequisites None (but see below)
Description Usable from the Hideout screen to get recording visors or watch recordings
Installation Text Purchased a holographic target gallery for <area>
Use Text Train in the Target Gallery
Requires 1 Energy
Use See below


Must use Target Gallery Plans in order to be able to purchase for the hideout


Having a target gallery adds the option "Train in the Target Gallery (1 Energy)" to any hideout that has one.

Fighting with a gallery visor equipped records your fight for other gang members to watch.

If there are no recorded fights, or only fights you recorded yourself, attempting to train in the target gallery does not use an Energy and gives this message:

Nobody has any new fights recorded for you.

If there are recorded fights, you lose one Energy and receive this message:

You boot up a recording of <gang member> fighting and follow along. It's pretty intense and you learn a surprising amount just watching <gang member> fight.

You learned a new Technique: 0-2-? of Power Strike, Dirty Trick, Focused Burst, Indirect Fire, Steady Shot, Practiced Step

You've earned 4-5? XP in <attribute>

A given session in the gallery may yield multiple techniques. XP gains probably scale based on your stats. Watching fights is the only known way to learn the Practiced Step technique.

If your gang has multiple target galleries, you may also receive this message. What triggers it and what bonus it confers is not currently known.

You bring in feeds from the other target galleries to help give some context as well.

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