Target Test


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Encounter Conditions

Start a target test on the HKGames Helmet


All encounters take the following format:

Image of 1-5 gems, from among the following:

A strange, computerized gem appears floating in your path. Mostly hidden behind it, you can see text reading "Target Test - Load Complete."

<You take out the gems message>

And then, without Steady Hand:
Eventually fatigue gets the better of you and the text twists to display "Test Complete - Reloading."

And then, with Steady Hand:
You maintain a steady pace far after what a normal human could manage. It seems almost effortless after a while, leaving you to wait until the text changes to "Test Aborting - Error 18."

You've earned some XP in Perception

The message and XP gained depends on the number of unique (different) Ranged techniques in your deck:

Techniques Message XP
0-1 [1 gem image] You take the gems out one at a time as target practice, but can't handle much more than that. 1 XP
2 2 XP
3 [2 gem image] You take out one or two gems at a time as target practice. It's not even too hard to keep up with the game's first few tricks. 3 XP
4 4 XP
5-7 [3 gem image] You easily adapt to the game's rules, taking out several gems, sometimes even two in one shot. 5 XP
8-12 6 XP
13-19 [4 gem image] You devestate the game with your technical wizardry, taking out swathes of gems with generous bursts, then picking off the awkward remainders with carefully aimed shots. 7 XP
20-28? 8 XP
29+ [5 gem image]? Untested? 9 XP

If you have Steady Hand, you gain +3 XP.

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