Targeting Circuit


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Description These optical targeting circuits are touted as the be-all end-all of shooting things. Truth be told, they do help hit things really far away with arcing shots. Other than that? Not so much.
Type Usable
Use You set up the targeting circuit. They're not the most reliable, so you might want a few more before you depend on them.
Multi You arrange a network of targeting circuits. Should do the job pretty well as far as aiming in those crazy shots go.
Effects You learned a new Technique: Indirect Fire


damaged Zaibatsu crate (88.7% chance of at least 1)
stolen crate (sometimes)
Dr. Thomas
HQ Lobby: Grab mail from Lobby Mailroom/Abandoned Mailroom.

Combine two optical sensors and a signal analysis circuit into a primitive targeting system
Quest Recipe: Learn Recipe from Electrical Engineering II, Shared Files or watching a Descrambled TV
Optical Sensor Optical Sensor Signal Analysis Circuit
= Targeting Circuit


Improve the power of a Rangefinder with a Targeting Circuit
Rangefinder Targeting Circuit
= Advanced Rangefinder
Update a Restored Pistol with a Targeting Circuit
Restored Pistol Targeting Circuit
= Assisted Pistol
Simplify an Executive Sidearm by adding a Targeting Circuit
Executive Sidearm Targeting Circuit
= Autotargeting Sidearm
Wire a Blast Visor with a Targeting Circuit
Blast Visor Targeting Circuit
= Blindshot Visor
Update a Security Visor with a Targeting Circuit
Security Visor Targeting Circuit
= Improved Visor
Interface four Optical Sensors through a Signal Analysis Circuit and a Targeting Circuit for control
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Electrical Engineering III
Signal Analysis Circuit Targeting Circuit Optical Sensor, Optical Sensor, Optical Sensor, Optical Sensor
= Optical Array
Bring an Antique Scope into the modern age with a Targeting Circuit
Antique Scope Targeting Circuit
= Retromodern Scope
Modernize a Long Clip with a Targeting Circuit
Long Clip Targeting Circuit
= Smart Clip
Make your shielded jumpjet more dangerous by adding a targeting circuit
Shielded Jumpjet Targeting Circuit
= Targeted Jumpjet
Drop a Targeting Circuit into an Empty Cybereye to get a targeting cybereye
Empty Cybereye Targeting Circuit
= Targeting Cybereye
Upgrade a Basic Scope with a Targeting Circuit
Basic Scope Targeting Circuit
= Targeting Scope
Trace your bullets with an Empty Clip and Targeting Circuit
Quest recipe: Learn from crafting an armory recipe that uses an empty clip, with tactical goggles equipped
Empty Clip Targeting Circuit
= Chipped Tracers
Focus Artificial Bone, Artificial Muscle Fibers, and a pair of Cybernetic Interfaces with a Targeting Circuit (4 Energy)
Artificial Bone Artificial Muscle Fibers
Cyberlimb Blanks Cybernetic Interface

Cybernetic Interface

Basic Cyberarms

Targeting Circuit

= Targeting Cyberarms
Aim a Scattering Firework with a Targeting Circuit
Scattering Firework Targeting Circuit
= Designed Firework
toolbox.jpg optical sensor (x1), optical sensor (x1), signal analysis circuit (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Arms
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