Image taze.jpg
Description A stealth attack that can stun opponents
Chain 4
Type Stealth
Attribute Reflexes
Base Damage 1
Special Stuns as the closing Technique in a Chain (with at least one before it) with the right weapons

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 1 -
You shock <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.
With a taser 3 -
You taze <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.
With a taser, as a closer 3 3 (M)
You taze <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but you force back opponent for all but x damage.
Stuns opponent, replacing their next technique with:
<Opponent> shakes violently from the electrical current.

And, if opponent is electric, also stuns opponent for the pass after that, replacing their next technique with:
<Opponent> stands stock still. Smoke pours out of its circuits as they try to compensate for the jolt.
With a taser, while underwater 1 - Takes precedence over above results. Cannot stun.
You taze the water, catching <opponent> for <x> stealth damage,


Winning a fight with a taser equipped and using Kidney Punch (non-vs.-Melee).

Used By (Opponents)

Call Center Worker
Serving Drone

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