Techniques are your combat abilities. For general information on using Techniques, check this page.

To summarize:

  • Combat works similar to a card game, where each Technique (ie. an action you can do in combat) represents a card.
  • You learn copies of techniques through a variety of way in the game (using items, fighting opponents, finding encounters, etc).
  • Those instances are now available to you to add to your 'deck'. The number of techniques in your deck can be changed on the Techniques pane.
  • When you enter combat, you draw 5 techniques randomly from your deck to form your 'hand'.
  • You can play as many techniques as you like in a round of combat, as long as they form a series of ascending or descending numbers (eg. 1-2-3 or 6-5-4-3).
  • Any techniques in your hand that you didn't use that round carry over to the next round, and you draw more techniques from your deck to bring your hand back up to five.
  • If you run out of techniques in your deck and hand, you lose the fight automatically.
  • At the start of the next combat, you reshuffled your Techniques and can use them again.
  • Minimum of 15 techniques in your deck.
  • Maximum of 999 of a particular technique in your deck. The total number of techniques in your deck can exceed 999 if you use several different kinds of techniques.
  • If you attack with Do Nothing or a blank hand, you discard your hand and draw five more.

For details of the combat system see here.

Types of Techniques:

Techniques are also assigned an attribute. Techniques become more effective and damaging as the relevant attribute increases.

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Legend (technique derived from)
Limited time content Quests
Unearthly Quest derivatives
Unearthly derivatives No trade
Not learnable Other


Chain Melee Ranged Fire Etheric Stealth Evasion None
0 Grappler Crush, Organ Feast, Throttle Endless Tears Backstab, Lace Garotte, Striking Dance, Unexpected Grab
1 Ghoul Bite, Grappler Grab, Jab, Primitive Attack, Schematic Weakness, Shark Bite, Stomping Dance, Wolf Bite Minute Focus Desperate Stab, Disappearing Switchblade, Kidney Punch, Serpent Strike, Snow Blade
2 Beatdown, Brace Spear, Brutality, Brutal Claw, Burrowing Arm, Cruel Slash, Crystal Strike, Downward Stab, Gnawing Mask, Grappler Jab, Lakebed Grapple, Lash Out, Shark Frenzy, Smoke Talons (without Eclipse), Stitched Grip, Toxic Grip (without Eclipse) (Dynamite) Binding Words, Grinding Mortar, Smoke Talons (with Eclipse), Toxic Grip (with Eclipse) Blossoming Hunger, Implant Seed, Jacob's Ladder, Pestle Surprise, Pour Cleaner, Reflexive Blade, Shadowed Mask, Sovereign Soil, Sudden Adaptation, Sudden Bash, Spade Strike, Spider Grip, Switchblade Dynamite, Inject Venom
3 Brick Punch, Bucket Smash, Chained Fist, Crushing Punch, Considered Strike, Drunken Swing, Extending Baton, Fist of the Herald, Gnarled Claw, Harvester Reaping, Hooked Capture, Inhuman Strength, Integrated Ram Play, Knife, Live Wire, Pry, Punch, Rending Smoke, Shovel Claw, Slicing Mandible, Spinal Strike, Striving Hands, Truncheon, WildCat Play, Wing Assault, Wolf Claw, Zalian Blade (with Zalian Blade effect or without zalian weapon) Candle In The Dark, Fire Serpent Agitated Glow, Hex, Pale Summons, Psychotic Break (when very evil and etheric), Rasping Teeth, Razor Snowflake, Rending Smoke (if Etheric), Striving Hands (if Etheric with weapon+offhand equipped), Tubegrown Touch Acid Splash, Behind the Mask (as opener or following evade), Emotional Grip, Extending Baton (opener w/collapsible baton), Harvester Grin (following Stealth), Informed Weakness, Lightning Lunge, Personal Focus, Psychotic Break, Zalian Blade (with zalian weapon but without Zalian Blade effect) Behind the Mask, Glass Helm, Leg Block, Parry, Shield Block Petrol Splash
4 Blade of Frost, Cane, Clashing Blow, Cyberbowl Rush, Dancing Blade, Demonslaying Blade, Dueling Riposte, Glass Spear (when sober), Grasp of Pain, Living Spear, Hammer Strike, Hawk's Talon, Improvisation, Kelp Stalking (w/spear(gun) unopposed), Mining Strike, Mirror Strike, Nailbeating, Piercing Vine, Power Strike, Practiced Step (following melee), ReflexCoil Kick, Rhythmic Chopping, Spear Hunting, Stabbing Charm, Swordplay, Toxic Lash, Vine Lash, Wild Kick, Wrapping Chain Ballistic Arm, Practiced Step (following ranged) Burning Mask, Fire Run, Light In The Shadow, Nitro, Necrotic Vial (without Eclipse), Shape Flames Broken Gaze, Burrowing Horror, Chitinous Wires, Crystal Gate, Discordant Chimes, Flowing Glow, Frost Breath, Glass Spear (while Etheric), Life of the Party, Necrotic Vial (with Eclipse), Offer Passage, Prison of Ice, Striking Shield, Watch Winding Cyberblade, Dirty Pool, Hunting Dash, Implied Blade, Lethal Resolve, Snapping Chains, Spinal Stabbing, Spinning Surprise, Stalk through Snow, Sudden Savagery, Taze Arrogant Step, Dance of Silver, Dive for Cover, Foresee, Lesson of Flowers, Kelp Stalking, Moodlight Blinding, Masked Evasion, Open Parasol, Patchwork Defense, Practiced Step, Predatory Leap, Scatter Jacks, Scripted Dance, Spore Cloud, Tactical Study Blocky Script, Blossoming Peace, Coin Flip, Check your Pockets, Gas Grenade, Smother
5 Channel Inspiration (with Inspired Force), Spear Throw (with spear) Channel Inspiration (with Eyes of the Inspired), Cybergun, Disruptive Shot, Focused Burst, Mirror Shot, Single Shot, Shotgun Blast, Shotgun Burst, Smoldering Shot, Speargun, Spectral Murder, Spear Throw (with speargun), Tin Shot, Zalian Shot, Zip Shot Blazing Torch, Channel Inspiration (with Fires of Inspiration), Chemical Mixture, Ecofuel Fire, Incendiary Grenade, Lesson of Stars, Live Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Pyromancy Channel Inspiration (with Inspired Imagination), Charmed Defense, Crescent Moon Tide, Confused Focus, Death Mask, Defensive Prayer, Emerald Thoughts, Full Moon Tide, Gaze of Pain, Gibbous Moon Tide, Grasping Glow, Half Moon Tide, Light of the Eye, Metallic Summons, Reflected Gaze, Release the Hounds, Scraping Summons, Serpent Pattern, Skeletal Mount, Skin of the Wolf, Spinal Sight, Sprouting Slime, Watery Passage, Whiteout, Wings Of Glass Acidic Ecofuel, Channel Inspiration (with Inspired Movements), Emotional Glow, Fuming Acid, Raider Ambush, Spear Throw Beginning Focus, Bloodied Dodge, Chitin Barrier, Cinematic Dodge, Cloak of Feathers, Defensive Burn, Dueling Dodge, Flittering Charm, Hoop Jump, Leaping Dodge, Molting Defense, Once Shot, Swimming Charm, Swirling Circuitry, Ragged Dodge, ReflexCoil Leap, Swirling Blood, Swinging Chain, Vigilance Angular Script, Catch Reflection, Channel Inspiration, Do Nothing, Jade Ward, Mysterious Script, Tubegrown Thoughts, Twisting Organs
6 Bullet for Ginn, Bullet for Surt, Bullet for Ymir, Considered Shot, Dueling Shot, Explosive Shot, Gamer's Shot, Gatling Burst, Graveshot, Gutter Shot, Hologame Shooting, Holographic Shot, Judgement, Lead Shot, Masked Shot, Opportune Raid, Quick Shot, Rose Shot, Silver Bullets, Short Burst, Spinal Shot Pyrophobia (sometimes), NitroX Call of the Moon, Contempt, Crystallized Ecofuel, Distant Claw, Etch Secrets, Evil Eye, Flowing Ecofuel, Generated Gaze, Harvester Grin, Hollow Gaze, Humanoid Rune, Insect Visage, Jagged Rune, Lesson of Spells, Lupine Gaze, Open Rune, Owl's Mask, Spearing Gaze, Piercing Glow, Pyrophobia (sometimes), Ragged Tendrils, Rattling Chain, Snow Maiden, Spectral Smoke, Staring Charm, Staring Mask, Suffocating Sargasso, Triple Rune, Tubegrown Gaze, Unleash Spider Dirty Trick, Dragonblood, Feathered Ice, Freezing Slurry, Hidden Pain Winged Defense Breath Of Dust, Flowing Script, Pyrophobia, Trash Simulacrum
7 Bloodied Draw, Conservative Fire, Continuing Fire, Cover Fire, Distant Focus, Full Auto, Holosighting (2nd+ use with rifle), Lucky Shot, Precise Shot, Raider Shooting, Steady Shot, Stream of Needles, Vindictive Shot Call the Firebird, Devilish Flames, Glittering Ecofuel, Frag Grenade, Smoking Ecofuel, Steel Rocket Call the Swarm, Channel the Deep, Focused Gaze, Fenris Command, Gem Break, Hunting Command, Petrifying Roar, Project Mummy, Project Rag Man, Project Shark, Raven's Eyes, Red Metal Gaze, Rose Sovereign, Skeletal Growth, Skittering Charm, Tactical Appraisal, Vision of Rule, Words of Light Tesla Coil Holosighting, Take Root
8 Clustered Shot, Indirect Fire, Rain of Bullets, Rocksplitter Shot Juryrigged Rocket, Microrocket Aid From Above, Awaken Students, Call to Feast, Dust Of Time, Pouring Blood, Project Shooter, Project Spider, Project Tentacles, Runic Howl, Rushing Image, Skull Charm, Starry Gaze, Withering Gaze
9 Chipped Tracer, In The Sights, Longarm Tin Artillery Blossoming Obsession, Project Skull, Stellar Focus, Tumbling Key, Voice of Wrath, Winged Hunter, Zombie Idoru SDNano

Note: Most Limited Time Content techniques are still obtainable through use of items traded in the Omnimall, or through seasonally-repeating rewards.

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