Techniques Testing

I'm starting this page to keep track of stuff that requires testing against every technique in the game. Individual pages tend to get out of date when new techniques are added, so I'm making one simple list.

Things to test:

  1. Sciency techniques for the Red Lensed Goggles - mark Y if you gain Red Lenses while using this technique in combat
  2. Underwater - Mark Y if this technique is affected by being underwater (whether as an improvement or detriment) and N if it is not affected
  3. Blood of the Ancients bonus - mark Y if it affected by the Blood of the Ancients effect (assuming just etheric techniques)
  4. Wolfskin belt - mark Y if you gain extra techniques while using the wolfskin belt
  5. Debuff effects - Some techniques can give your opponent an effect when you use it against them. This is normally invisible to the player, but you can see it when it is used against you in PvP. (if checking this, please try note if you survive more than one round… in case it gives 1 turn of an effect, which is immediately lost after ending the fight. I write "<1" if it's been testing and then immediately lose.)
  6. Stainless Skulls - use the GoogleDrive spreadsheet instead
Technique Science Water B.o.t.A Wolf belt Debuff Gaze
Acid Splash Y Y N/A N N N
Aid From Above N
Angular Script N
Awaken Students N N
Backstab N N/A
Beatdown N N N/A N Broken Bone N
Behind the Mask N N N/A N ? N
Binding Words N N N N ? ?
Blackened Gaze N
Blade of Frost N
Blazing Torch N N N/A N ? N
Blocky Script
Bone Draw N
Brace Spear N
Branded Lash N
Bristled Strike N
Brick Punch N Y N/A N ? N
Broken Gaze N N N/A N ? Y
Brutal Claw ? N N/A N ? N
Brutality N N N/A Y N N
Bucket Smash N ? N/A N N N
Bullet for Ginn N N N/A N ? N
Bullet for Surt N N N/A N ? N
Bullet for Ymir N N N/A N ? N
Burning Mask ? ? ? ? ? ?
Burrowing Arm ? ? N/A ? ? N
Burrowing Horror N N N N ? ?
Burrowing Ruse N
Call of the Moon N ? N N ? ?
Call the Firebird N N N N ? ?
Call the Swarm N N Y N Nest Keeper* ?
Call to Feast Y N Y N ? ?
Carapace Block N
Catch Reflection ? N N/A ? ?
Channeled Shot N
Channel Inspiration N N Y* N N ?
Channel the Deep Y* Y Y N N ?
Check Your Pockets N N N/A N ? N
Chemical Mixture Y Y N/A N ? N
Chipped Tracer N
Chitin Barrier N
Chitinous Wires N
Cinematic Dodge N N N/A N ? N
Clashing Blow N N N/A N N N
Cloak of Feathers ? Y N/A N ? N
Clustered Shot Y Y N/A N ? N
Coin Flip ? ? N/A ? ? N
Conservative Fire N N N/A N N N
Considered Shot Y N N/A N ? N
Considered Strike Y N N/A N ? N
Contempt N
Continuing Fire ? N N/A ? ? ?
Cover Fire ? Y N/A N N N
Crescent Moon Tide N N N N ? ?
Cruel Slash N N N/A N N N
Crushing Punch N Y N/A N N N
Crystal Gate N Y Y N <1 ?
Crystal Strike N N N/A N ? N
Cyberblade N
Cyberbowl Rush N N N/A N N N
Dance of Silver Y Y N/A N ? N
Dancing Blade N N N/A N ? N
Death Mask N/A ? N ? N ?
Defensive Burn ? ? N N ? N
Defensive Prayer N
Devilish Flames ? ? N/A ? ? ?
Dirty Pool N N N/A N ? N
Dirty Trick N N N/A N ? N
Disappearing Switchblade N
Discordant Chimes N N N N ? ?
Disruptive Shot Y Y N/A N ? N
Distant Claw N Y Y* N N ?
Dive For Cover N N N/A N N N
Do Nothing N N N/A N N N
Downward Stab N N/A
Drunken Swing ? N N/A ? ? ?
Dust Conflagration N/A
Dynamite N Y N/A N N N
Emerald Thoughts N
Encased Gaze N
Evil Eye N N Y Y N Y
Explosive Shot N N N/A N N N
Fae Leap N
Fire Serpent N N N N ? ?
Fist of the Herald N N N/A N ? N
Flowing Script
Flying Teeth N
Focused Burst N Y N/A N N N
Foresee N
frag-grenades Y Y N/A N N N
Frost Breath N Y N N N N
Full Auto N Y N/A N N N
Full Moon Tide N N N N ? ?
Fuming Acid Y Y N/A N N N
Gamer's Shot N N N/A N ? N
Gas Grenade N Y N/A N Coughing Fit N
Gaze of Pain N N N N ? Y
Gem Break N N Y N N N
Generated Gaze N
Ghoul Bite N N N/A Y N N
Gibbous Moon Tide N N N N ? ?
Glass Helm N
Glass Spear N
Gnarled Claw N N N/A N ? N
Gnawing Mask ? N N ? ? ?
Grappler Crush ? ? N/A ? ? N
Grappler Grab ? ? N/A ? ? N
Grappler Jab N ? N/A ? ? N
Grasp of Pain N N N/A N ? N
Graveshot Y Y N/A N ? N
Grinding Mortar ? ? N† ? ? ?
Half Moon Tide N N N N ? ?
Hammer Strike ? Y N/A N N N
Hawk's Talon ? ? N/A N ? N
Headbutt N
Hex N N Y N ? ?
Hologame Shooting N
Holographic Shot N N N/A N ? ?
Holosighting N N N/A N ? ?
Hoop Jump N N N/A N ? N
Humanoid Rune
Hunting Command ? N N ? ? ?
Hunting Dash N N N/A ? ? N
Implant Seed N
Implied Blade N N N ? ? ?
Improvisation N N N/A N N N
Incendiary Grenade ? Y N/A ? ? ?
Indirect Fire N Y N/A N N N
Inject Venom Y N N/A N N N
Insect Visage N
Integrated Ram Play N
Jab N N N/A N ? N
Jacob's Ladder Y Y N/A N N N
Jade Ward N N N/A N Jade Whisper ?
Jagged Rune
Judgement N N N/A N ? N
Juryrigged Rocket ? Y N/A ? ? ?
Kidney Punch N N N/A N N N
Knife N N/A
Lace Garotte N
Lakebed Grapple N Y N/A N N N
Lash Out N Y N/A N N N
Leaping Dodge N Y N/A N N N
Lethal Resolve N Y N N ? N
Life of the Party Y
Light of the Eye N N Y N N ?
Lightning Lunge N N N/A N ? N
Live Grenade Y Y N/A ? ? ?
Live Wire Y Y N/A N N N
Longarm ? Y N/A N N N
Lucky Shot N N N/A N ? N
Lupine Gaze N N N N ? Y
Masked Evasion ? N N ? ? ?
Masked Shot ? N** N ? ? ?
Metallic Summons N
Metal Sting N
Microrocket N Y N/A N N N
Mining Strike N N N/A N ? N
Mirror Shot ? ? N/A N ? N
Mirror Strike ? ? N/A N ? N
Molotov Cocktail Y Y N/A N N N
Mysterious Script N
Nailbeating N
Necrotic Vial Y Y N N ? N
Nitro Y Y N/A N N N
NitroX Y Y N/A N N N
Open Parasol N N
Open Rune N
Organ Feast ? ? N/A ? ? N
Owl's Mask N N N† N ? Y
Pale Summons Y N
Parry N N N/A N N N
Pestle Surprise ? N N/A ? ? N
Petrol Splash Y Y N/A N ? N
Piercing Vine Y ? ? ? ? N
Pouring Blood N N N N ? ?
Power Strike N Y N/A N ? N
Practiced Step N Y N/A N N N
Precise Shot N Y N/A N N N
Predatory Leap ? N N/A N ? N
Primitive Attack N Y N/A N N N
Prison of Ice ? N N ? ? ?
Project Mummy ? N N ? ? ?
Project Rag Man ? ? ? ? ? ?
Project Shark ? Y ? ? ? ?
Project Shooter ? ? ? ? ? ?
Project Skull ? ? N ? ? ?
Project Spider ? ? N ? ? ?
Project Tentacles ? ? N ? ? ?
Pry N N N/A N N N
Psychotic Break N N N/A N N ?
Punch N N N/A N N N
Pyromancy N Y N/A N <1 N
Pyrophobia N N Y N ? ?
Quick Shot N Y N/A N ? N
Ragged Dodge ? N N/A N N N
Ragged Tendrils ? N ? ? N ?
Rain of Bullets Y Y N/A N N N
Rasping Teeth N N Y N Rasping Teeth ?
Raven's Eyes ? N N† N ? ?
Razor Snowflake ? N N N ? ?
Red Metal Gaze Y N N N ? ?
Reflected Gaze ? ? N ? ? ?
Release the Hounds N N N Y N ?
Rending Smoke ? Y N N ? ?
Rhythmic Chopping N
Rose Sovereign N
Runic Howl
Scatter Jacks N N N/A N ? N
Schematic Weakness N
Scripted Dance
SDNano N N N/A N ? N
Serpent Pattern N Y Y N ? ?
Serpent Strike N Y N/A N ? N
Shadowed Mask ? N N ? ? ?
Shape Flames Y
Shark Bite N Y N/A N N N
Shield Block N N N/A N N N
Shoot Chitin N
Short Burst N Y N/A N N N
Shotgun Blast N Y N/A N N N
Shotgun Burst Y
Silver Bullets Y N N/A N ? N
Single Shot N Y N/A N N N
Skeletal Burst
Skeletal Mount ? N N ? ? ?
Skittering Hand N
Skittering Skull N
Skin of the Wolf ? N N N ? ?
Smoke Talons N N N N ? ?
Smother N N N/A N ? N
Snow Blade N
Snow Maiden
Spade Strike N N N/A N Spade Wound N
Spear Hunting N Y N/A N ? N
Spear Throw N
Speargun N Y N/A N ? N
Spearing Gaze ? N N ? ? ?
Spectral Murder N
Spider Eyes N
Spinal Shot N N N N ? N
Spinal Sight N N N N ? ?
Spinal Stabbing N N N N ? N
Spinal Strike N N N N ? N
Spinning Surprise N N N/A N ? N
Spore Cloud N Y N/A N Spore Cloud N
Sprouting Slime Y ? ? ? ? N
Stalk Through Snow N N ? ? ? ?
Stake N
Starry Gaze N N
Steady Shot N Y N/A N ? N
Steel Rocket ? Y N/A ? ? ?
Stomping Dance N N N/A N ? N
Stream of Needles N Y N/A N N N
Striking Dance N
Striking Shield N N N N Numbing Neurotoxin ?
Striving Hands ? ? N ? ? ?
Sudden Bash N N N/A N ? N
Suffocating Sargasso Y ? ? ? Grip of the Sargasso N
Swirling Blood N
Swirling Circuitry N ? ? ? ? ?
Switchblade N N N/A N N N
Swordplay N N N/A N N N
Tactical Appraisal N
Tactical Study N
Take Root N ? N ? ? N
Tesla Coil Y Y N/A N N N
Throttle N N N/A N N N
Tiger Claw N
Tin Artillery N Y N/A N ? N
Tin Shot N N N/A N ? N
Toxic Grip N N N/A N ? N
Toxic Lash ? ? N/A N N N
Transparent Attack N
Transparent Dodge N
Trash Simulacrum ? N N/A N ? ?
Triple Rune N
Unexpected Grab N Y N/A N ? N
Unleash Spider N N Y N ? ?
Vindictive Shot N
Vine Lash N
Vigilance N N N/A N ? N
Vulgar Dodge
Voice of Wrath N N N N ? ?
Watch Winding N N N N N ?
Wild Kick N N N/A N N N
Wildcat Play N
Winged Hunter N Y N N ? ?
Wings of Glass N
Withering Gaze Y* N Y N ? Y
Whiteout ? N N ? ? ?
Words of Light N
Wolf Bite ? N N/A N ? N
Wolf Claw N N N/A N ? N
Zalian Blade N ? N/A N ? N
Zalian Shot N ? N/A N ? N
Zip Shot N
Acidic Gases Degenerate Mists
Acid Spit
Ancient Curse Curse of the Mummy
Animal Curl Up
Animal Snarl
Armored Defense
Arrayed Claws
Aura Of Electricity
Ball Of Slush
Beak Snap
Beat Wings N
Beat Wings Viciously
Bite With Tiny Teeth
Blazing Jaws
Blazing Wing Batter
Blurry Quick Shot
Body Crush
Boney Claws
Breathe Fire
Brutal Instinct
Burning Avalanche
Burning Brand
Burning Gaze
Burning Welt
Burrow Into Garbage N
Burst Of Slush
Call For Aid
Cape Of Fire
Carve Up
Ceiling Crawl
Centipede Sting Centipede Bite
Chain Bite
Chest Stab Chest Wound
Chew On You
Circle For Weakness
Circle To Defend
Clamp Down
Claw Block
Close Grab
Close Mouth
Closes Jagged Maw
Collapse Into Mist
Collapse Into Pure Flame
Construct Snowman
Crash Down
Creaking Branch
Crystalline Eyes
Dart Brutally
Dart Underwater
Dazzle Dazzled N
Debris Barrier
Digging Arm Stab
Dig In With Claws
Disappear In A Blur
Disgorge Fire
Drag Off Feet Broken Bone N
Drag To Maw
Drift Straight Through
Drop Down
Electrify Armor
Electrocute With Horns
Ember Drift Breathing Embers
Entangling Arms
Envelop In Slush
Experimentally Bite
Exploding Shell
Fade Into Mists
Fall From Sky
Featureless Gaze
Fervently Stab
Fill With Frost
Firewood Chop
First Stinger Venomous Sting
Flame Refuge
Flaming Debris
Flaring Spear
Flickering Gaze
Flying Talon Rake
Focused Gaze Entrapping Gaze Y
Focuses Green Eye
Focuses Red Eye
Foot Crush
Force Pulse
Front Legs
Frost Touch
Gather And Charge
Gem Maze
Ghostly Spark
Giggle Softly
Glowing Jaws
Gnash Teeth
Gore From Behind
Gore With Horns
Grasping Grab
Green Energy Recharge
Green Light
Green Ray
Hammer Spin
Handful Of Snow And Ice
Hardening Claws
Haul In The Air
Hideous Rattling
Hind Kick
Hold In Currents
Hoof Lash
Howling Claw
Howl Wordlessly
Ice Lance
Ice Shatter
Icicle Fangs
Icy Tendrils
Illuminating Fires
Incredible Circle
Inhuman Strength
Jagged Green Flame Maw
Jet Away
Jump And Bite
Knee Beat
Lash With Tentacle N
Leg Batter
Leg Slam
Light Burst
Light Teeth
Long Claws
Loop Chain
Loop Wire
Lunge And Grab
Lunge Bite N
Main Cannon
Massive Claw
Massive Shockwave
Maw Counterattack
Melt into Stone N
Syringe Injection several
Mist Shroud
Mold Growth
Mold Melt
Mold Touch
Moves With Grace
Noxious Mist Coughing Fit
Opens Maw
Overlap Bodies
Passage Of Teeth And Acid
Pile On
Pin With Spear
Plow Over
Poison Bite Spider Venom
Pour Over
Powerful Tail Strike
Race Down The Hall
Rake Claws
Razor Cape
Reaching Claws
Reach Into Your Body
Roaring Wind
Roll In Sewage Submerged
Roll Over
Rubble Smash
Run Down
Rush And Swarm N
Rush Bite
Rush In Close
Scrabbling Legs
Scraping Limbs
Seaweed Refuge
Second Stinger Venomous Sting
Shadowy Chain
Shimmering Energy
Shimmering Jaws
Shower Of Sparks
Single Claw
Single Needle
Sink Claws
Sink Fangs
Sink Teeth
Skitter Away
Slip Close N
Slough Energy
Smashes To Ground
Smother In Dark Vapors Dark Smoke
Snake Out Tail
Snowman Missile
Solidified Chain
Sound Horn
Spiky Maw
Spin Eyes Wildly
Square Energy Field
Square Kick
Squeeze Bones
Squeeze Harder
Stoke the Flames
Stone Volley N
Strange And Terrible Whispers
Strange Song
Summon Bats
Summon Raven
Summon Spiders
Surge Powerfully
Swarm Around Your Head
Swirl In The Air
Swoop Down N
Tail Slam N
Tail Slap
Tear Viciously
Tentacle Slap
Tentacle Stab
Thrash In Place
Throw Spear
Tighten Wire
Tight Grab
Titanic Bite
Tongue Throttle
Toss Masonry
Toxic Sludge
Transfixing Gaze
Trash Arm
Trust Armor
Twin Bite
Twist And Bite
Twist Spear
Unfold Arms
Vicious Wings
Viper Lunge
Wall Of Flame Wreathed in Flames
Wall Of Green Flames
Wall Of Snow
Wall Swim
Wall Walk
Water Lurk N
Webbing Wrap Webbed
Wing Batter N
Wooden Claw
Wordless Chop

(Anything not listed above needs testing as well - up to date as of techs by id rev. 199)

* Conditions apply (see individual page for details)
** only "normally" message tested
†No new message, not tested for power change

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