Techniques That Need Damage Spading

I used to keep this page on a forum post here but moving to a real page so everyone can edit if they want.

I've been going through all the techniques that need damage spading and knocking off the easier ones. I went through and made a table to prioritize the remaining ones by ease of spading. ("Hard" = either actually difficult or just time consuming, eg. waiting for a snowmaiden to show up, (or both)). Some of these are pretty arbitrary designations though.

Please feel free to contribute.

Technique Difficulty To Learn Difficulty To Spade Notes
Acidic Ecofuel x xxxx (vs Writhing Flesh) needs pvp
Beginning Focus xxx (unlearnable) xx (defense)
Bloodied Draw x x needs mechanics
Breath Of Dust xx x needs mechanics
Brace Spear xx xxx needs mechanics
Brutal Claw x xxx needs mechanics
Call Of The Moon xx (unlearnable) xxxx
Call To Feast xx xx need protein analyser, easier w/0 will
Candle in the Dark x xxxx (evasion vs. spectres)
Channel Inspiration x xx easier w/0 will
Confused Focus xxx (unlearnable) xxx (evasion type/power)
Contempt xx (mechanics not fully understood) xxx (evasion/types)
Cyberbowl Rush xxx xx (evasion type/power) needs long distance
Dance Of Ashes xx xx (evasion type/power) needs mechanics
Dance Of Silver xxx xxxx (evasion type/power) underwater/Dance of Silver
Emerald Thoughts xx xxx (evasion power)
Fire Run xxxx (unknown mech) xx (evasion type/power)
Flowing Glow x (unlearnable) xx
Gamer's Shot xxxx x
Gem Break xxxx xx (evasion power vs. E)
Glass Helm xxx xxxxx (blocks near infinite damage, hard to test limits)
Grasp Of Pain xxx xxxx mechanics not understood,
and one very specialized case
Harvester Grin xxx xxxx needs mechanics
Hidden Pain x xx
Hollow Gaze xxx xx
Incendiary Grenade (technique) xx xx underwater
Insect Visage xx xx
Integrated Ram Play xxx xxxxx needs pvp cooperation
Lesson Of Flowers xxx xxxx (lots evasion power/types)
Lethal Resolve xxx (may need Ocean Sight?) xxxxx (evasion power/type) underwater, Cold Depths and cultured pearl
Living Spear x xx
Masked Evasion xxx xx (evasion types, not power)
Minute Focus xxx (unlearnable) x
Mirror Shot xx xxxx (mechanics unknown)
Mirror Strike xx xxxx (mechanics unknown)
Open Parasol xx ? mechanics really unknown
Personal Focus (technique) xxx (unlearnable) x
Petrifying Roar xxxx (mechanics unknwon) xx
Posture xxx xxxx (evasion power/types) needs mechanics
Practiced Step xx (target gallery) xxxx (evasion power/types) underwater
Predatory Leap x xxxxx (evasion power/types) in all five moon chains
Reflected Gaze xx (unlearnable) xxxx (mechanics unknown)
ReflexCoil Leap xx x (just need vs F evasion test)
Release The Hounds x xx (evasion power vs E)
SDnano x xxx (mechanics unknown)
Silver Bullets x xxxxx needs Undead Scourge; pvp?
Skin Of The Wolf x (unlearnable) xxx (evasion power/types) mechanics unknown
Sovereign Soil xx xxx mechanics unknown
Spider Eyes xx xxx mechanics unknown
Stage Magic x xx
Stellar Focus xxx (unlearnable) x
Swinging Chain x xxxx (evasion power/types) mechanics unknown
Top Hat Trick x xxxxx test once per day
Unexpected Grab x xxxx vs human underwater; needs pvp?
Whiteout xxx xx (evasion power vs S)
Wildcat Play xxx xxxxx needs pvp
Winged Hunter (technique) xxxxx xxxxx mechanics unknown

* Potentially requires reset and/or really low stats

Needs other investigation

Other techniques that need investigation, such as mechanics for unlocking certain forms, include:

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