Techniques That Unlock Other Techniques

Exactly what it says on the tin. For spading purposes, should we try to use these techniques with certain gear or conditions to try to unlock new techniques.

Additions and corrections welcome. Currently not a complete list.

Learned From Learned Conditions
Punch Crushing Punch With Strength ≥ 10?, sometimes?
Punch Knife With knife weapon equipped
Punch Emotional Grip With Moodlight glove equipped
Crushing Punch? Brick Punch With brick knuckles equipped
Brutality Pry With crowbar weapon equipped
Brutality Extending Baton With collapsible baton equipped
Brutality Nailbeating With personal nailbat equipped
Brutality Rhythmic Chopping With Stainless Skulls helmet equipped, with Metal music
Brutality* Generated Gaze With Stainless Skulls helmet equipped, with Midgard Player music
Dueling Dodge Dueling Riposte With knife weapon equipped
Ghoul Bite Binding Words With black silver chain equipped, and Etheric
Grappler Jab Grappler Grab With grappler gauntlets (and cyberware?) equipped
Serpent Strike* Striking Dance With Stainless Skulls helmet equipped, with Punk music
Swordplay Cane With cane weapons equipped, following Melee
Swordplay Clashing Blow With mislit rusted sword equipped, vs Melee
Swordplay Implied Blade With sword hilt equipped, Etheric
Swordplay Dancing Blade With dancing blade equipped
Swordplay Princely Form At the Dusty Throne Room (choice encounter)
Swordplay? Living Spear With spear bug equipped
Clustered Shot Continuing Fire With automatic weapon equipped, other conditions?
Flying Teeth Bone Draw With bone pistol equipped
Flying Teeth Skeletal Burst With bone automatic, maybe?
Flying Teeth Organic Firing With ghoulish pistol equipped, maybe?
Silver Bullets Conservative Fire With improbable gun equipped
Holographic Shot Holosighting With holosight rifle and scope equipped
Precise Shot Holographic Shot With holosight rifle equipped, using opener
Single Shot Cybergun With integrated cybergun equipped
Shotgun Blast Shotgun Burst With Midgard MG2 equipped
Speargun Spear Throw With spear weapon equipped
Fire Serpent Rending Smoke With sparkling glass claws and smoke effect
Pyrophobia Devilish Flames With Devil Mask equipped (fiery version)
Channel the Deep Channeled Shot Etheric guns?
Evil Eye Endless Tears Lose fight
Evil Eye Focused Gaze Vs. Flying Eye/Entrapping Gaze
Evil Eye Skittering Skull With spidery skull equipped
Evil Eye Insect Visage With mask bug equipped
Evil Eye Starry Gaze Trade 5 for 1 in Starry Gaze In The Museum
Frost Breath (or have Frigid Bones active) Gnarled Claw With frosty claw equipped
Frost Breath Razor Snowflake With massive snowflake fragment equipped
Gaze Techniques Spearing Gaze Vs Spearwoman
Light of the Eye Foresee With simple blindfold equipped and ???
Light of the Eye Emerald Thoughts With Stainless Skulls helmet equipped and Emerald Gift Music
Scripted Dance* Life of the Party With Stainless Skulls helmet equipped and Dance Music
Release The Hounds Unleash Spider Using 3 times, vs Horrific Spider
Release The Hounds Hunting Command Using vs Drone Statue
Backstab Cyberblade With cyberblade weapon installed
Kidney Punch Backstab With knife weapon equipped
Kidney Punch Snow Blade With blade of the snows equipped
Kidney Punch Unexpected Grab With massive beak equipped
Kidney Punch Spider Grip With Chitin Hands active
Switchblade Disappearing Switchblade With switchblade weapon, vs. Hologame Ganger
Bloodied Dodge Bloodied Draw With pistol weapon equipped
Dive for Cover Moodlight Blinding With Moodlight glove equipped
Dive for Cover Shield Block With shield equipped
Dive for Cover Vulgar Dodge With goat legs installed
Dive for Cover Transparent Dodge With transparent legs installed
Dive for Cover Tactical Study With tactical goggles, tactical neural mesh and evading Ranged
Moodlight Blinding Emotional Glow With Moodlight glove equipped
Shield Block Striking Shield With shield of scales equipped, vs. Etheric
Shield Block Sudden Bash With shield of scales equipped, vs. Melee
Shield Block/Dive for Cover? Carapace Block With mite carapace equipped
Shield Block/Dive for Cover? Chitin Barrier With shield bug equipped
Any 3 Science Techniques Red Metal Gaze With red-lensed goggles
Short Distance? Grappler Jab With grappler gauntlets equipped
Check Your Pockets Lucky Shot, Bullet for Ginn, Bullet for Surt, Bullet for Ymir With spacious cargo pants equipped (see page)
Some combo of sword techs? Demonslaying Blade With replica sword, Channeling Matsuo and Etheric
Some combo of frozen techs? Snow Maiden (Technique) With frozen rose equipped
Vs (Learn when this is used against you)
Headbutt With head spikes installed
Lightning Lunge With Lightning in your Veins or One With Lightning
Stream of Needles

To look at:
Downward Stab

* Some may only require the technique in your deck rather than using the technique in combat. Many combat techniques require you to have not all damage blocked or other conditions for them to count.

See also: wolfskin belt, moodlight glove

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