Tendril Culture


Image CreepyJar.jpg
Description This jar of black sludge looks like something you might have picked up near the Slags; just another sample of industrial waste. If you look a bit more closely, though, you can see thin tendrils constantly forming, pressing against the glass, and being consumed back into the ooze.
Type Usable
Requires 8 Base Will, Energy
Use You turn the jar over in your hands, examining it. Strips of flesh constantly form, press against the glass, and are consumed by the ooze.

Taking a deep breath, you open the jar. Hundreds of the strips rip out of it like tentacles, covering you in ooze and knocking the jar to the ground.

As you break that first, tentative grip, you can see the strips coalescing into three distinct masses centered around where you opened the jar.

(fight 3 writhing masses)

Or after winning against 2 or 3 other nightmares-in-a-jar:

It's easy to tell this jar is trouble. Really, nothing says, "don't open me" like a jar filled with black sludge and hideous tentacles that against the glass walls. But you open it anyway, maybe even because it seems like a terrible idea.

In one massive wave, the area is covered with black ooze, then the ooze breaks apart into grasping strips.

(fight 4 writhing masses)

Or after winning against 4 other nightmares-in-a-jar:

From experience, you know the grub-like tentacles pressing against the glass of this jar aren't likely to be friendly. Nevertheless, you throw it on the ground, shattering the jar and releasing them.

Waves of tentacles explode from the jar, trying to grasp and surround you, but at least you're ready for them.

(fight 5 writhing masses)
Effects Fight 3-5 Writhing Masses


Just one more drop of Toxic Oil in your Warring Samples
Toxic Oil Warring Samples
= Tendril Culture


Can grant one of two skills - see Nightmares-in-a-jar for details.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .26 Curiosities
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