Tentacle Sushi


Image Octopus-sushi.jpg
Description The wealthy in Metroplex would like to think of themselves as cosmopolitan, but this might be a bit weird even for them. A carefully selected slice of a giant tentacle is arranged on a bed of sushi rice.

Leaving completely aside the question of where the giant tentacle came from, it hardly looks like food.
Type Food
Requires 8 Base Will, 2 Hunger
Use The sushi is pretty good, but the sushi rice disintegrates in your mouth far faster than the tentacle. It's faintly sweet, but you really have to dig your teeth in.

And, if gummy1:
This is pretty gummy. It's not bad exactly, it just feels like you'll spend all day chewing.

With Undersea Stalking:
You feel vaguely cannibalistic gnawing at the gummy sushi, surprised by a strange sympathy with your meal and upwelling of sadness.

Your thoughts do bear useful fruit, however.
Multi You sit down to a marathon of tentacle sushi. The rice vanishes before your teeth even make a real dent in the tentacles. The flavor is delicate and sweet, but you get kind of tired of it by the end.

And if gummy1:
Those were really gummy. They weren't bad exactly, but it feels like you're going to be here all day.
Effects You've regained 6-8 Energy (normal)
or 7-10 Energy (nongummy1)
or 8-12? Energy (primordial)
or 9-13 Energy (primordial and nongummy1)
and You learned a new Technique: Lakebed Grapple (with Undersea Stalking)

1 Having a ghoul maw equipped or Undersea Stalking active when you eat this removes the "gummy" message and gives higher energy yields.


Find some edible parts of a Massive Tentacle to arrange with Sushi Rice
Massive Tentacle Sushi Rice
= Tentacle Sushi


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .16 Curiosities
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