Tentacled Man



Encounter Conditions

1. You must be etheric
2. You must have freed the tentacled man (see midgard laboratory)
3. The glass bauble must be equipped

Initial Text

The strange, tentacled man you saved earlier lopes up to you, carrying a bundle of bloodied cloth. He bears a proud grin, that dissolves into a confused stare as he gets closer.

Summary of Choices

  1. Can you talk?
    1. Hawk sent me - (Only if you have Hawk as a contact?) talks about where he hid a 'goddamned rock', improves greatly?
    2. Your father sent me - Allows you to get salvaging tools from the Squatter King
    3. What's this glass thing - Nothing, but his condition seems to improve?
    4. Back away - Nothing?
  2. What are you carrying? - Get containment helmet, containment suit top or containment suit pants
  3. Back away - Nothing?

Choice Text and Results

Can you talk?

He stops and looks you up and down. "Now… yes. I don't know why."

"Thank you, for saving me. It was truly a fate worse than death… I… would have welcomed oblivion."

As he speaks, the glass bauble in your hand slowly heats up.

Hawk sent me

He straightens up a little bit and seems almost normal for a moment. "Ah, Hawk… I almost forgot why I ended up in this hellhole. Yeah, I got his goddamned rock. I hid it as those jackbooted Midgard bastards caught me."

"I tried to hide in a building east of here. I went for the stairs, but they cornered me before I could get anywhere. It's just as well… I… I've got… go." He turns, as though to run, and melts back into the shadows.

Triggers Strange Rock in the nearby damaged buildings

Or, after getting the Strange Rock encounter?

He shakes his head slowly as his tentacles twitch behind him. "Hope he liked his rock. Hope… it was worth it." With obvious effort, he turns and walks away from you, deeper into the facility.

Nobody seems to notice anything strange about his presence.

Your father sent me

He cocks his head to the side and squints all three of his eyes. "Father… it's been… so long. Tell him I miss him… and… I can't remember… pain."

He runs a few steps, bowling over several scientists who seem more confused than afraid, and melts into the shadows.

What's this glass thing

He focuses on the glass bauble in your hand, which pulsates faster with green light. "That was… an experiment. It didn't work, but perhaps I left a little of myself in it."

"Keep it, in case you need me." He inhales deeply, seeming calmer than before, and wanders deeper into the facility.

What are you carrying?

"Here." He thrusts the bundle of bloodied cloth into your hands, then runs off into the shadows.

It takes a minute, but you pick out a serviceable piece of a containment suit.

You found: containment helmet or containment suit top, containment suit pants

Back away

See Walk Away

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