Terrifying Introspection


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Description You're thinking too much… far, far too much. You're dwelling on questions like "if my hallucinations seem real, maybe are real when I take Eclipse, what if I'm someone's hallucination?" Those just never end well.

You're not sure if you really get Eclipse or if you're just suffering an existential crisis. Or whether there's a difference.
Hidden Flags Ingestion Effect, Introspection Effect, Mushroom Effect
Effects +4 Etheric Power
+1 XP Each Combat


From using a tiny green toadstool. (10 Energy, 1 Body)
Eating a Fragile Puffball with this already active (2-4 duration, 1 Hunger)
Using cracked spores with this already active (7-9 duration (12–14 with fae sight), 7 Body)

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