Testing Database


Image medicalcircuit.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense ≥ 1 You batter the testing system, easily crashing it. 2 - 4 (removes routine)
Command ≥ 1 The testing system in place here is fairly rudimentary, so it's a simple matter to insert a passing grade. Moments later, the badge printer nearby spits out a badge for your use. 2 You found: Slags medical ID
Gain 1 XP in Will
View ≥ 1 You dig through the testing data. You're probably not supposed to be viewing it directly from the database like this, but it does give you a good chance to check out some medical advice. 1 Gain 1 XP in Perception
Other The testing system seems content to leave you alone.
  • Offense takes priority.
  • Command takes next priority.
  • View takes next priority.
  • Defense, and Null count as Other.



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