The Artist



Encounter Conditions

Only after seeing the artist on a disturbing canvas.

Initial Text

You find an artist painting one of the creatures that have been stalking you through the charnel house. In fact, it looks exactly like that painting you saw earlier.

He seems completely oblivious to your presence.

Summary of Choices

  1. Get his attention - Allows you to get the Massive Scar choice encounter. Subsequent attempts have no effect, but use 1 energy.
  2. Gun him down - Shoots him, destroying the Charnel House area and granting you the Pyro skill. Also take 614-944 damage
  3. Leave him be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Get his attention

(First time)

You reach in front of the artist. He ignores your hand.

He continues to ignore you even as you slash your hand over his painting, leaving great swathes of blank canvas.

You hear a curious grinding sound off in the distance. He ignores the sound as well, but that's not a surprise.

(Unlocks the Massive Scar choice encounter)


You already messed up this guy's painting and he just ignored you. Not sure how else to get to notice you without getting violent.

(Uses up 1 Energy)

Gun him down


You draw a gun and calmly put a single bullet in the artist's head. Blood splatters his canvas as his body falls limply to the floor, his hand still clutching a brush.

Moments later, giant balls of flame appear in the warehouse wherever the painting was covered in blood. Ghouls scream in the distance as they are reduced to ash.

You turn to try and escape, but every path is blocked off. The fire closes in around you, almost maliciously.

It burns terribly and you eventually succumb. You wake up… minutes… maybe hours later, outside the burnt out building. It feels almost as though a bit of the fire lives on in you.

You take 614-944 damage.

You've learned a new Skill: fire25.jpgPyro

Leave him be

You leave him to his painting and wander off. You glance back and he's still ignoring you as you wander out of sight.

See Walk Away

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