The Blind Legion Gang

No, not the piddling preachers who pester you with poorly-written pamphlets


The REAL forces taking on the ether. The ones who play with FIRE and burn away the monsters. Making life in Metroplex safer, one explosion at a time.

The mission of The Blind Legion gang is very simple. To take all the firepower we can bring to bear, and decimate the etheric forces seeking dominance in our world. Hell, give a bloody nose to those snooty corporations too while we're at it.

No need to multi-use Legion tracts to understand this.

What exciting things does our gang mean to pursue? Well, everyone knows about the new developments with the punks. Them firebombing the quad, trying to fight back forces they don't understand, and being backed by the Blind Legion (the main story branch of the organization). Before this new development, a Punk outcome for something like the Halloween event simply would result in no party and no etheric shenanigans. Snore. Now, however, things may get a lot moreā€¦ explosive. This gang means to be there to make that happen.

That's the position this gang takes on the power-play going on in Metroplexity.

I believe this gang can provide a cool thematic backing for players who wish to pursue those kinds of outcomes. To spice up the current gang warfare scene as well. Cause, you know, being stuck in a situation where only one or two gangs can really throw their weight around to affect this world would be a real bore.

This gang is here to deliver these dreams into reality. Firebombing etheric and corporate schemes alike. If that's your kind of thing, send us an application. Together we can discover the secret to walking with our backs turned to explosions, unharmed.

Consider …the Blind Legion Blindfold25.jpg

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