The Eclipse Trade



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Two gang members stand near one of the shacks in this strange cave. As you get closer, you hear them discussing the Eclipse trade in Southside and along the Docks.

Summary of Choices

  1. Eavesdrop - Get Dr. Thomas as a contact
  2. Charge In - Fight 2 Gang Enforcers
  3. Leave them alone - Nothing

Choice Text and Results


You listen carefully to the gangers, hiding around a corner so they won't catch sight of you. They move from the Eclipse market to the boss's relations with someone named Dr. Adrianna Thomas.

After a few minutes, they've given enough information about her that you're able to track down her contact information.

You've gained a new contact: Dr. Thomas

Charge In

You rush in, breaking up the gangers' conversation. They chase after you, to a secluded part of the cave where you can fight without too much chance of interruption.

Fight 2 Gang Enforcers

Leave them alone

See Walk Away

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