The Golden Chip Quest


You need access to the Open Computer Lab to start this quest - buy and read CS110 from the university bookstore if you have enough Perception.


Get into Professor Evans' office by doing one of the following:


and then, either way


Unlocks The Golden Chip, a store that only take Golden Tickets as currency.
Allows you to sell business plans, Mailing Lists, etc. in exchange for Golden Tickets (see Golden Ticket page for full list)

Quest Text


Professor Evans mentioned an organization or store of sorts called the Golden Chip. He guessed, or possibly hinted heavy-handedly, that you could find more about them in the computer lab at Metroplex U with a powerful enough scan.

And if you have a computer equipped and at least 4 memory:

It might be a good idea to bone up on your coding and put some programs together to help pierce through.


You're not sure if your computer would be able to manage that sort of scan.

Finished quest

You found the location of the Golden Chip.

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