The Jitters


Image pill.jpg
Description Your body is moving faster than your mind and not in a Zen way. It's hard to aim or even stay still for a second.
Effects -3 Ranged Power
-3 Stealth Power
(hidden: Combats cost 2 energy instead of one)


Nova (10 Energy, 8 Body)
Nova Slammer (15 Energy, 12 Body)
Losing a certain number of hit points in combat while under the Sparkling Blood effect (25 energy? equal to amount of turns of sparkling blood left?)


Also adds the message "You're so keyed up, you feel completely exhausted after the fight" at the end of any combat, indicating that you've lost two energy instead of one.

Having energy of steady hand will change the end message to "You feel a momentary flutter of The Jitters, but they quickly die away." and you will only lose the standard amount of energy for that combat.

Resting in a hideout with a street doc does not remove this effect.

Running away from a combat while under this effect costs only the usual 1 energy, not 2. Noncombats and choice encounters are not affected.

Using a panacea pill will remove this effect.

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