The Net

The net is well… the internet of the future. To gain acces to it you have to equip gadgets with processor and memory like OmniTech Learntop.

Without the appropriate gadget you get the following message:

The rich haven't been able to keep comms out of the hands of the less fortunate, but the Net is its own barrel of neural stimulus and irritating ads.

You need to get something a bit more powerful to experience it in its full glory.

Logging in for the first time gives this message:

You jack into the Net for the first time. You don't have the full neural experience going, but it's still a nausea-inducing burst of lights and colors.

According to the blistering wave of ads, the OmniMall is the place to be.

You've gained access to a new site OmniMall


Icon Site Description Notes
bug%20net%2050.jpg Bug Emporium For all your bug needs! Access granted by visiting the Net with the Eye for Bugs skill
ExtremeShark.jpg Extreme Fishing Leader Board for Extreme Bass XIII Access granted by playing Extreme Bass XIII for the first time in the Open Computer Lab?
BuildingLogo.jpg Omnimall A clearinghouse for the buying and selling of all varieties of items Access granted only after completing the main quest line

(No special gadget required)
SparklingChip-Logo.jpg The Golden Chip A community dealing in stolen data and illegal programs Find it by hacking the Metroplex U Lab system, after having heard about it from Professor Evans
Cyberball50.jpg Cyberbowl Promo Store Promotional items from special product codes Unlocked by eating a caramel bar with a PDA equipped.

Links list

You gain links to other sites by interacting with connection records (metroplex U lab). If you have a coat of mysterious circuitry, you can also gain them from connection records (gothic ruins net).

Losing links

The links will disappear from your Net screen in a number of ways

  • Timed out (~4 days will be marked as "inactive" and then disappear the next midnight.)
  • "Deleted by Campus Security" (for having indexed shared files?)
  • "Deleted By Memory Monitor" (for running the Protein Analysis routine)
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