The Phoenix

Perhaps you were looking for a more temperature-hot and not spicy-hot Phoenix?



Welcome to the Phoenix, may I take your order?

Item Price Effect Duration
packets of phoenix sauce 5 credits each 20
phoenix wings 10 credits each 10
phoenix eggrolls 15 credits each 10
cups of phoenix chili 20 credits each 20
phoenix subs 20 credits each 10
plates of phoenix teriyaki 40 credits each 30
phoenix aprons 100 credits each


All the foods here give a special Phoenix spice effects, as listed under the Effect Duration column above. See that page for details.

Buying large amounts at once (after having purchased a phoenix apron?) results in a free item once per day:

She drops an extra little something in the bag with your order.

You found: <item>

See the discussion page for current investigation into details.

If you're wearing a Third Eye shirt/shirt of the hacking gift, get this text along with your purchase:

Her eyes flick to your shirt as she leans in close to hand you the food. "Mr. Dragon isn't here right now. He's usually at the Cellar Door, but I'm not sure."

Starts the Face of the Dragon quest.

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