The Quad (During Protest)


Note: This area has a different set of encounters after completing The Protest quest, see The Quad (after protest).

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
coffee.jpg Third Eye Poseur A drunken man stumbles into you while you're crossing the quad. "Hey! Watch where you're walkin'!"

He doesn't seem interested in apologies or, honestly, anything but an excuse to punch you in the face.
Eclipse.jpg Twisted Hound You hear a low growl behind you. The thought of running occurs to you, but the crowd stretches out like a vast maze of uncaring faces.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Quad Crackdown Finishes The Protest quest Only after Rowdy Crowd non-combat
Quad Dispersal Finishes The Protest quest Only occurs if you decrease the protest size enough
Rowdy Crowd Unlocks Quad Crackdown Only occurs if you increase the protest size enough
Boring Guard Get cup of joe Only in 2 parts of the Midgard Security disguise
Eclipse.jpg Wandering Student Get castor capsule

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Wave of Protesters

  1. Join in - If you have a protest sign equipped, increase protest size, otherwise get a protest sign
  2. Depress them - If you have a protest sign equiped, decrease protest size
  3. Pickpocket your way out - Fight protesters or receive 3? of ancient candybar, metros light, Eclipse, battered cred chip, other?
  4. Shoot your way out - Fight protesters

Protester Punk

  1. Add your voice - Increase protest size if protest sign equipped
  2. Beat him down - Fight Punk Student
  3. Follow him - Gain 2 XP in Perception
  4. Wander off - Nothing

coffee.jpg Bored Guy
  1. Commiserate with him - Decreases protest size?
  2. Ask him what's up - Learn about Dr. Myers
  3. Teach him not to walk across the Quad - Fight Hipster
  4. Leave him to his moping - Nothing

Security Guard

  1. Ask how you can help - He drops heavy hints that Midgard can't beat up the protesters until they get a bit rowdier.
  2. Throw down - Fight Midgard Security, increases protest size
  3. Report the hustler's beating - Only if you got the crowd to beat up the pool shark Unlock Quad Crackdown?
  4. Leave him be - Nothing

Fleeing Pool Shark (Pre Quest)

  1. Say he's with Midgard (Evil 1) - if you have a protest sign equipped, get anthony's watch or 2 XP Will, otherwise 2 XP Strength or fight Protesters
  2. Chase him - Gain 3 XP Strength or 3 XP Perception or see Captured Pool Shark
  3. Leave him be - walk away

Chasing the Pool Shark (Pre Quest)

  1. Pick up the chase. - Chase him unsuccessfully for 3 XP Perception; or if he is tired see Captured Pool Shark.
  2. Leave him be - Walk Away

Gang Warfare

(Mostly the same as post-riot.)

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Vigilante Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
LeatherJacket.jpg 4 Midgard Security As you make your way across the Quad, you can see four bored Midgard security officers surrounding a foreign student. One of the officers is shaking something small at the student.

You start to make out what he's saying as you approach "… totally illegal, we could put you in prison for five years for owning one. But you've got more than one, don't you. That's 'intent to distribute' and maybe another ten years, if you make it. What do you think about that?"

The student stammers and you think he's trying to explain that whatever it is is legal in his home country. The guards apparently aren't impressed and one knocks him into the dirt.

Yeah, the situation's rapidly moving from the expected abuse of power to pathetic bullying. You move to intervene.
Gain 2 of study chip, others? in addition of other drops.

If you win: After the firefight calms down, the student approaches you in tears to apologize for the trouble he's caused. You eventually manage to calm him down and he gives you the stack of chips he was apparently arguing with the guards about.

It's been a pretty bad day for him, but it does give you a good idea about defending your turf here.

New Fortification Option: Stage a Bust
LeatherJacket.jpg Protesters You find a large crowd of students has formed around an elderly man. As far as you can tell he's a science professor working on something involved with a 'Dr. Myers' and this is good enough reason for the students to get violent.

When you step in, they turn their wrath towards you.

(Allows you to contact Dr. Myers in Combine Labs)
If you win:
As you disperse the last of the students, the professor clasps your hand between his shaking ones and thanks you profusely. Once he makes sure nobody's looking, he slips you a few small objects.

You found: 2-3 of: chemistry papers, Omnitech trauma bandage, Nitro, others?

If you lose:
As you withdraw from the combat, the crowd descends on the man and beats him viciously. You don't see what happens, but you're sure it's not good.
(Also Drunken Challenger; Third Eye Hunter; Third Eye Hunter, Third Eye Ganger, 2 Third Eye Poseurs, same as post-protest)


Third Eye Agitator was replaced by Protester Punk, above.

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