The Slags

Attempting to ride the Metros from the top pane while in this area gives this message:

Unfortunately, there isn't a Metros around here. Closest one is on the far side of that huge wall.


Drones move busily over the entire area, particularly the larger craters.


Resting here gives:

Resting in the Slags doesn't seem like a great idea, but you take a few minutes to patch yourself up among the toxic fumes.

You regain X hit points!

You've gained Y energy of Slags Poisoning.

Where X and Y depend on:
Equipment/effects X Y
(nothing special) 15 5
air filter 15 0
Residual Antidote 25 0
full Containment Suit 25 0

Also - each point of First Aid increases X by 10% (ie. +1.5 or +2.5).


Before Feb 10, 2015, the image was:
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