The Squatter King

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1 - Before accepting the Docks Medicine Quest
2 - After accepting the Docks Medicine Quest
3 - Ending the Docks Medicine Quest
4 - After finishing the Docks Medicine Quest
5 - After getting access to The Slags
6 - After accepting The Lost Son quest
7 - After completing The Lost Son quest by saving the son, or falsely claiming to


First time:

Hallo there. They call me the squatter king, 'cuz I run these parts.

You want something, it better come through me. Nobody gets anything without my say so.

(End of conversation)

After that:

You wanna know something about the docks? I can help you out, if you make yourself useful.

There's a shipment of medicines coming in for some filthy downtowners. Probably not guarded, but you'll need a good set of eyes to find it. There's a lot of damned crates on the docks.

Anyway, snag that and you'll be useful. Be useful and we'll tell you what you want to know.

Consider it done
Not happening (End of conversation)

Intro (after accepting docks medicine quest)/Consider it done

Come back when you got the medicine and we'll sing like birds.

(End of conversation)

Intro (ending the Docks Medicine quest)

With a crate of stolen medicines, if you're doing the Docks Quest:

What? You actually brought them? Well, I'll be damned. Deal's a deal, though.

There's a section of old sewer tunnels that open just south of here. The guys you want come out of there all the time.

They also carry these maps for something. Looks like sewers to me, so you might want to hang onto them.

You found: crude ganger map

(Unlocks sewers, end of conversation)

With a crate of stolen medicines, if you're doing the Docks Quest and have already found the sewers:

You actually brought them? Well, I'll be damned. A deal's a deal.

Heard you already figured out where your "friends" the Fangs are… so here's another tidbit: they can't find their own hideout without a map. I can't read them, but it might help you. Here you go.

You found: 3-10 crude ganger maps

(End of conversation)

With a crate of stolen medicines, if you have completed the Docks quest:

Well I'll be damned. Got the goods and kicked that hornet's nest all by yourself.

Suppose you don't need info anymore? Heh.

Take this then. Just what you always wanted for Christmas, right?

Oh, and a free bit of advice: watch your back. Some hotshot Fang's going to try to take you out whenever you're not looking.

You found: crate of explosives

(End of conversation)

After selling the crate of stolen medicines: (Maybe only after starting Lo's survivor quest?)

Heard somebody was selling the medicine we needed on the black market. You seen the crate I sent you for at all?

Yeah, I sold it
Not a sign

Yeah, I sold it

You did what? That crate… was filled with medicine… for our children.

Get out of my sight. Just go.

(End of conversation)

Not a sign: evil (2)

Damn it. We'll have to get another source for those medicines. Too many kids have died already.

Well, thank you for trying.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after Docks Medicine quest)

If you returned the medicine:

Thanks for dropping by, but I don't have anything for you.

(End of conversation)

If you sold the medicine:

Just go away.

(End of conversation)

Intro (With slags access)

My… contacts have heard you might be headed towards the Slags. If that's true, I have something to ask of you… of a slightly more personal nature than our last dealings.

What's up?
Not interested

What's up?

Well, my son went missing in the Slags a few weeks ago. I was wondering if you might keep an eye out for him.

Sure thing (MISSING)
Could use some details
Not right now (End of conversation)

Not interested/Not happening

Hah. I wouldn't be asking if I had a lot of options. Come back if you change your mind.

(End of conversation)

Could use some details

I'd rather not, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

My son ran off to join the Third Eye. I can't blame him really… I'd probably have encouraged it if he'd asked.

Their boss up by Met U got him to head down to the Slags to steal something. Always… always was a damned fine thief.

He hasn't come back for weeks. Third Eye gave up on him, but… I've been having the strangest dreams. I think he's still out there.

You don't need to decide now. It might be a major undertaking, but I'll see you're rewarded as well as we can manage.

I'll help
Crazy dreams are good enough for me
Not happening
I'll get back to you (End of conversation)

I'll help

Thank you. I don't have a good picture of him… we can't afford cameras.

But he made this shortly before he left to join the Third Eye. He'll recognize it.

You found: glass bauble

Crazy dreams are good enough for me

Laugh all you want, I appreciate your help. I can't leave my people here to go wandering through the Slags… if I could even get in.

Take this. He made it just before he left. He should recognize it… you'd never pick his face out of a crowd.

You found: glass bauble

Intro (Started the Lost Son quest)

Don't suppose you've seen any sign of him?

Tell the truth (Only if you have killed, talked to or given the Lost Son the glass bauble)
Tell a convenient lie (Only if you have killed, talked to, or given the Lost Son the glass bauble)
Why is he missing?
What is this glass thing? (If you still have the glass bauble)
What was that glass thing? (If you no longer have the glass bauble)
No, sorry

Tell him the truth

If you told the Tentacled Man "Your father sent me" or if you had given him the glass bauble:

That's… madness. That's… exactly what happened in my dreams. Well, now we know, I suppose.

I'll have to find time to visit him somehow. Oh, and take this, for all your help.

You found: salvaging tools

If you killed the mutated man from the operating theatre: evil (2)

You… you helped dissect my son, then put him down like a dog when he resisted? Are you insane? Get out of my sight!

If you ran away while the guards put in down:

He needed you… needed your help. And you abandoned him?

Perhaps it's for the best. He wouldn't have wanted to live like that.

Here, take this and get out of my sight. I don't want to hear about this ever again.

You found: salvaging tools

Tell a convenient lie evil (1)

Ahhhh, that's good to hear. Thanks for making sure he's doing alright.

Here's the reward I promised. It's not much, but I've found it always comes in handy when you least expect it.

You found: salvaging tools

Why is he missing?

Yes, well. I suppose beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

He ran off… to join the Third Eye. Can't blame him… you've seen how we live. Might as well get good money for what he steals.

But their boss up around Met U sent him down into the Slags.

What about this trinket? (Only if you still have the glass bauble. Conversation immediately ends otherwise.)
Thanks (End of conversation)

What is this glass thing?/What was that glass thing?/What about this trinket?

A broken lightbulb and the remains of his favorite doll as a baby. What it's good for?

Honestly, I have no idea. He liked… experimenting. Took a little bit from the Third Eye, bit from the Blind Legion, spent a lot of time on the Docks "finding himself."

What happened to him?
Thanks (End of conversation)

No, sorry

Well, keep looking. I'm sure he's still out there.

(End of conversation)

Intro (Finished The Lost Son quest and saved the son, or falsely claimed to)

Thank you for helping my son. I'll have to find the time to head down to the Slags and visit him.

Your son misses you
You're welcome (end of conversation)

(Removes choices if you lie after saving him. Bauble after helping guards saving, anyway)

Your son misses you

Haaaaa. And this is why I was always a terrible father. Never enough time.

Well, I'll need… need to get out there somehow.

So many children on my watch I never have time for my own.

(end of conversation)

If you left the son to die:

Just go away.

(End of conversation)


Gives you the Docks Medicine and The Lost Son quests.


Click the top warehouse on the left of The Docks.

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