Third And First Floor



Encounter Conditions

Encountered on 2nd floor

Initial Text

You find yourself at the western stairs. Looks like you should be able to safely make your way back to the ground floor.

Heading up, it looks like something clawed through the side of the building around the third floor… the door still looks accessible, though.

Summary of Choices

  1. Third Floor - Go to Third Floor
  2. First Floor - Go to First Floor
  3. Stay here - Do nothing?

Choice Text and Results

Third Floor

You make your way up the western stairs until they drop off into open air. Past the gap, you can faintly make out the stairs stretching further up.

At the very edge of the drop, an empty door-frame opens onto the third floor. The entire area looks blasted, far more damaged than the other floors.

First Floor

You make your way back down the western stairs to the ground floor. Seems to be much the way you left it.

Stay here

You turn back away from the stairs and head back into the abandoned offices.

See Walk Away

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