Third Eye


The Third Eye is an important and powerful gang of drug-dealers, probably unmatched within Metroplex's borders despite their relatively recent appearance on the scene four years ago. Originally centered around Metroplex U, the Third Eye was responsible for the forced dissolution of the Hard Skulls gang and were briefly the chief purveyors of 'Bounce', a drug no longer in widespread use today.

The Third Eye grew in power when they became heavily involved in the Eclipse trade that has appeared in recent months, pushing the older Mafia powers back into their downtown base. Receiving the drug at no cost from an unknown source (although Midgard Industries is likely the ultimate culprit), the Third Eye moves the hallucinogen in vast quantities and for enormous profit, although its increasing availability has glutted the market somewhat. Members of the Third Eye are also known to take the drug recreationally and are believed to attach a mystical meaning to the strange effects users experience. Some have perhaps delved further into this unknown field than almost any others. Although taking Eclipse is not believed to be a requirement for membership, the drug has certainly become a major part of the gang's 'philosophy' as well as its trade, and they have learned to create devices and practice meditations that increase the drug's power.

High-ups in the Third Eye hierarchy include Hawk, Saber, Shard, and two elusive characters known only as 'Big M' and a man (or woman?) whose name or title starts with the letters 'the Whi-'. Dr. Thomas is suspected of supplying them with Eclipse, but is not directly involved in the gang's affairs. Besides their main trade, the Third Eye are known to smuggle neural recordings and associated paraphernalia into the Metroplex Docks, where their increased presence has met with some unexpected resistance. The Third Eye, however, has a finger in almost any pie in the city, and are not afraid to tangle with the corps either: they are well-known to be behind the murder of a top Zaibatsu executive, and have even tangled with Midgard.

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