Third Eye In The Park



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You see a burly man wearing a shirt that bears a hand-painted logo. Not a member of any gang common to Southside, but he does look suspicious all the same.

He keeps to the alleys and seems focused on keeping himself inconspicuous.

Summary of Choices

  1. Jump him - Fight Third Eye Ganger
  2. Follow him - Fight two Third Eye Gangers if Third Eye Shirt is not equipped (Third Eye membership is not required), otherwise:
    1. Jump in - Fight two Third Eye Gangers or in full hunter disguise, gain 4-5 chips
    2. Apologize - Learn that Big M is in with Midgard, get Metros Light, 2 XP (random distribution)
    3. Walk away - Nothing
  3. Ignore him - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Jump him

You wait for an opening, then leap at the ganger. He barely has time to draw his gun before you're on him.

(Fight Third Eye Ganger)

Follow him

(If you wear a Third Eye Shirt)

You follow the Third Eye member down a long alleyway, where he meets another. The new one notices you and shouts "behind you!"

They both whip around, guns drawn, but hesitate for a moment when they see your <shirt/clothes>*.

* clothes if you have the hunter disguise/shirt if you only have the third eye shirt. (Disagree: I got "clothes" with only the shirt. May have been changed.)

You follow the ganger into an alley, passing several dumpsters between low buildings. From above, you hear a loud "behind you!" followed by bullets raining down around you as you dive for cover.

(Fight two Third Eye Gangers)

Jump in

With less then all four parts of the hunter disguise:

You leap in, but the thugs won't back down. One shouts "you're not a hunter! You're just some god-damned poseur!" as he leaps to meet you.

(Fight two Third Eye Gangers)

Or with the full hunter disguise:

The thugs jump to meet you, but one stops short and grabs his companion. He glances fearfully down at your gun.

"Sorry, sorry, oh god, I'm so sorry. I won't miss a payment for Big M ever again. It's not me, you know, it's the misses! She needs… here!" he tosses a fistful of cred chips at you and the two thugs sprint away in opposite directions.

You found: 4-5 battered cred chips and fresh cred chips

(Removes encounter for the day)


The goons shake their heads. "Sorry… we're just jumpy, ya know. Old Fang turf and the place is crawling with cops."

The other butts in, "Midgard security, dude, totally different." As they chew on that thought, he opens some beers and passes you one.

The first thug regains his train of thought. "Yeah, whatever they're doin' is bad news. I know Big M gets along with them, but damn…"

They drift off, talking about old times and bragging about stunts they've pulled off. It's interesting, but eventually wears thin and you excuse yourself.

One pats you on the back enthusiastically as you leave.

You found: beer.jpg Metros Light

You've earned 2 XP

Walk away (after following)

The two thugs jump to the offensive. One screams "Goddamed poseurs! You'll be sorry you were ever born!"

(Fight two Third Eye Gangers)

Ignore him

See Walk Away

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