Third Eye Inward


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Description You've learned from the Third Eye how to See yourself. Personal reflection, even with Eclipse, doesn't seem to do much for most people… perhaps you're an exception.
Effects None Listed


Taking Eclipse after completing Oldtown Installation quest for the Third Eye, and talking to the ganger in Third Eye Sales while wearing the shirt of the hacking gift.

You look through yourself as the seers told you, finding a new eye looking upon itself.

You've learned a new Skill: Third Eye Inward


If you are injured, gaining more turns of Eclipse gives the message:

You remember a time when you weren't injured, but it's somehow bittersweet.

You regain X hit points!

gaining 5 turns gave 3 HP; gaining 35 gave 10 HP; may be random, need more data.

Or, with any Bone effects active. Takes priority over healing result:

Your skull aches like it's ready to explode… like something is burrowing outward from within.

You've gained X duration of Bone Eye.

Where X is equal to energy of etheric gained.

Or, with writhing flesh active, sometimes (see discussion) - receive one of the below:
With Perception as your highest base stat:


With Reflexes as your highest base stat:

Your body twists and changes like the Eclipse, growing thinner and longer in limb.

You've earned X XP in Reflexes

With Strength as your highest base stat:

Your body twists and changes like the Eclipse, growing in size and bulk.

You've earned X XP in Strength

With Will as your highest base stat:


14 duration from 1 body resulted in 2 XP.
70 duration from 3 body resulted in 14 XP.

Results based on active effects are also triggered if you gain those effects at the same time as the etheric energy. E.g., taking hound Eclipse or smoking Eclipse will trigger Bone Eye. You can also get Bone Eye at the same time as you learn the skill.

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