Third Eye Sales



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You run into a Third Eye ganger making his rounds, selling some Eclipse to the workers. They don't seem very interested, frankly, but he's making a few sales.

He gives you a curt nod as he heads about his business.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask for some - gain 1-5 Eclipse
  2. Ask what's up - Information
  3. Rush him - Fight Third Eye Ganger, gain extra credits/Eclipse; 1 Evil
  4. Nevermind - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Ask for some

"Sure," he nods, "on the house."

You found: 1-5 Eclipse

Ask what's up

He shrugs. "Not too much. The locals are kind of riled, but you'll get that when you open your eyes for the first time."

"Crying like babies, but who can blame 'em?"

Or, the first time you ask with the shirt of the hacking gift equipped:

He gives you a look over. "Hey, I forgot to tell you… the seers told me something to let you know. Maybe you're ready. I don't really know, I don't get it myself."

"They said you can See through yourself. They mean with Eclipse, but… well, the seers can see things we can't."

"So, I guess open your eye and look at yourself. I dunno."

Unlocks Third Eye Inward skill the next time you take Eclipse.

Rush him

He seems surprised by your sudden betrayal, but not really that surprised. You get the feeling he's seen some shit in his day, but now isn't really the time to find out what. [1 Evil]

(Fight Third Eye Ganger, gain [45 cred, 7 tablets of Eclipse, 1 grain alcohol])


He shrugs and heads about his business.

(Walk away)

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