Third Eye Shakedown



Encounter Conditions

After starting the Waterfront Struggles quest?

Initial Text

You see a fairly familiar sight from your time in Southside: a ganger shaking down the locals for credits. The locals in this case seem to be dock workers rather than the homeless, but otherwise the scene looks rather similar.

The symbol on the ganger's chest isn't the Fangs', but it does match one of the groups you saw clashing earlier.

Summary of Choices

  1. Rush to defend - Fight Third Eye Ganger, gain extra credits
  2. Rush to kill - Fight 2 Dockhand, Third Eye Ganger
  3. Offer waterfront schedule - (With waterfront schedule in inventory, if you haven't handed one over already) gain 250 credits, lose 1 waterfront schedule
  4. Wait and listen - Gain 2 XP Perception
  5. Leave it be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Rush to defend (1 Good)

You rush into the fray, immediately drawing the thug's attention.

(Fight Third Eye Ganger)

And, after the fight:
One of the workers transfers you some credits. "We don't want any problems, please just leave."

(extra credits are lumped in with regular Third Eye drops. So far: 16-31 cred, minus the ganger's normal drop of 5-25, means it's been known to drop up to 6 extra, possibly more)

Rush to kill (3 Evil)

You rush into the middle of the group, lashing out and drawing everyone's attention.

(Fight 2 Dockhand, Third Eye Ganger)

Offer waterfront schedule

You transfer the file over. The thug's eyes light up. "Ah, this'll take care of things proper, get the Families out of everyone's business."

He takes a second, fiddling with his comm until yours beeps with a credit receipt for services rendered. "Hope that worked… I'm not great with the technology. Usually use chips for everything."

You gained 250 credits!
(Lose 1 waterfront schedule)

Resolves Waterfront Struggles quest.

Wait and listen (1 Evil)


You watch from the sidelines. The ganger seems to be extracting money for protection, but the targets seem surprisingly quick to offer up the funds.

The way they glance over their shoulders all the while… they look like they're afraid of something else far more than the ganger.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Leave it be


Far be it for you to interfere with the turning wheels of commerce.

See Walk Away

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