Third Eye Smuggling



Encounter Conditions

Must be a member of the Third Eye.
Or, come in wearing a Third Eye shirt or shirt of the hacking gift
Or, come in wearing the Third Eye Hunter disguise
Must have started Problems on the Docks for Hawk?

Initial Text

You run into a Third Eye member near the docks. He looks pretty excited.

"Hey, how's it going for you? I think money's in the air on my side."

Or, if you're wearing a shirt instead of an actual member:

You run into a Third Eye member near the docks. He glares at you for a moment, then his eyes light up.

"Hey, welcome aboard. You looking for a little score to start things off right?"

Or, if wearing the hunter disguise

You run into a Third Eye member near the docks. He looks at you in shock, but starts stammering to fill the silence.

"Hey… uh, fancy seeing a hunter all the way out here… I mean, we haven't been here that long, and…. uh, no need to call in the big guns, right? If you're off duty and want a little score, I've got something lined up… should go real smooth with you around. Yeah."

Summary of Choices

  1. Steal some crates/Join in - Get 2-3 stolen crates Second option appears when in disguise? Results seem to be the same.
  2. Ask for a cut - Fight Third Eye Ganger, OR get some creds, OR just some text. (trigger is either solving the problems on the docks quest for Hawk, supplying him with Eclipse or both)
  3. Make small talk - Gain 3 XP Perception
  4. Jump him - Fight Third Eye Ganger Only when in disguise, and not a member of the Third Eye?
  5. Bail out - Skip encounter

Choice Text and Results

Steal some crates/Join in

You work together, with one of you distracting the workers and the other snagging crates. You trade back and forth for a while and end up with a good haul.

You found: crate.jpg 2-3 crates of stolen goods

Ask for a cut

Solving Problems on the docks for Hawk? Supplying him with Eclipse? Both?

He nods. "Sure thing. The Hawk-man said you get a cut when you swing by. Don't spend it all in one place."

You gained 15-20 credits.

If in Third Eye hunter disguise

"Look…" he shakes his head sadly. "I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, but don't think you can just start taking a cut of other people's earnings because Big M gave you a shiny gun."

He drops into the tone of a professor giving remedial lessons. "We give the Hawk-man a cut, he gives the Big M a cut, and Big M keeps your sorry ass on the payroll. You wanna change the system, take it up the boss, because I've got nothing to do with it."


He looks terribly offended. "Screw you! Nobody gets a cut but the bosses!"

(Fight Third Eye Ganger)

Make small talk

You chat for a bit. He gives you some pointers on stealing and picking out marks. It's actually pretty informative.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Jump him

He screams something incoherent about "Big M" as he prepares to defend himself.

(Fight a Third Eye Ganger)

Or, in Third Eye hunter disguise:

He shouts "what the hell's that for? I've always done right by Hawk and Big M."

The look on his face shows equal parts confusion and betrayal, but that doesn't stop him from trying to defend himself.

(Fight a Third Eye Ganger)

Bail Out

Walk Away

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