Third Floor


This is the third floor of the Damaged Buildings in The Slags. It can be accessed from the First, Third or Fourth Floor.

Encounter summary

Encounter Enc. Type Encounter Conditions
Midgard Scientist BrassKnuckles25.jpgportal25.jpg
Acid Rain Peace-Patch.jpg
Wall of Crates defaultitem.jpg
Spinning Hallway defaultitem.jpgportal25.jpg Eclipse.jpg
First and Second Floor defaultitem.jpg
Fourth and Second Floor defaultitem.jpg Pass <something>???

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BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
You hear a rasping voice behind you. "Johnson made me so I can make you."

You turn around to see a scientist with a mad gleam in his eyes. He definitely wasn't there a second ago.
Eclipse.jpg flying-eye.jpg
As you pass near the outside wall, you hear the sound of giant wings. You crouch behind a wall and hope it can't see through solid objects.

Your wishes are not granted.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
      Acid Rain Gain 2 XP in Will if you have any type of air filter equipped. Otherwise gain 10 energy of Slags Poisoning

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Wall of Crates

  1. Charge through - Low strength (I had 5(8)): Take 20? damage, fail to bypass. Mid strength (?): Take 10-20 damage, gain 3 XP Strength, bypass crates. High Strength (24?): Take no damage, gain 5 XP Strength, bypass. (May not be 'hard' stat test, that's just a guess)
  2. Blow it up - If you have Nitro OR dynamite, use one of them to blow it up. If you don't have explosives, walk around the crates
  3. Find a way around - Gain 5 XP in Perception. If you don't have a certain Perception (?) instead use extra energy? fail to progress further across floor? I failed with 11 Perception, but succeeded with 14. succeeded again with 15 buffed

Eclipse.jpg Spinning Hallway
  1. Make it stop - The hallway turns into a hostile writhing mass
  2. Run with it -
    1. If reflexes > ?, gain 5 XP in Reflexes
    2. Otherwise, take 12? damage and gain 2 XP in Reflexes.
  3. Call for help -
    1. If you have the skill Ocean Sight/Fae Sight, gain 10 energy of Ocean Song/Fae Blessing and stop the hallway
    2. Otherwise, take ?-12-13-? damage.

First and Second Floor (western stairs)

  1. Second Floor - Go to Second Floor
  2. First Floor - Go to First Floor
  3. Watch the lake - Gain 6 XP in Perception; or gain 8 XP in Perception and Experienced Observer if you've explored all the oil slick's branches. If you have the skill, gain 8 XP in Perception.
  4. Stay here - Nothing

Fourth and Second Floor (eastern stairs)

  1. Fourth Floor - Go to Fourth Floor
  2. Second Floor - Go to Second Floor
  3. Stay here - Nothing


I got past by finding a way around the Wall of Crates twice and encountering the spinning hallway twice (run with it, success, 5xp reflexes. and call for help, took 25 damage)
found the stairs after 2 adventures: spinning hallway (run with it, success), and an acid rain.

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