Three Guards



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A trio of Fang guards stand around a fire drinking coffee and complaining about the cave. Only one seems to be actually watching his surroundings, so you're confident you could lure him away.

Summary of Choices

  1. Lure the Guard away - Fight one gang-enforcer
  2. Charge in - Fight 3 gang-enforcers
  3. Slip Eclipse into the coffee - Kill five guards
  4. Slink away - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Lure the Guard away

You carefully lure one of the guards away from him comrades and to the far side of the cave.

(Fight Gang Enforcer)

Charge in

You charge into the midst of the guards, scattering them before they can surround you.

(Fight 3 Gang Enforcers)

Slip Eclipse into the coffee

You carefully grab a few tablets of Eclipse from one of the crates, then sneak up behind the guards. You wait in the shadows for an opportunity, then slip the tablets into the guard's drink.

It takes a minute, but the guard flops onto his back and begins spasming. A few other gang members approach to see what's going on, only to be caught when the guard leaps back up and begins firing at something only he can see.

Most of his bullets cut into his fellow gang members, while a few hang in the air, which seems to bleed around them. Eventually he runs out of bullets and some invisible force tears him limb from limb.

All told, your victim and four of his friends lie dead on the ground.

(Kills five guards)
(With an unearthly coin equipped, gain Cool Coin)

Slink away

You slink back into the shadows without disturbing any of the guards.

See Walk Away

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