Thriving Thorny Vines



Encounter Conditions

After infecting enough office workers with Implant Seed

Initial Text

You find a section of cubicles that's been overgrown by those thorny vines. They seem to be thriving, even under the sterile florescent light.

Summary of Choices

  1. Clear them out - Fight Overgrown Cubicles
  2. Loot the cubicles - Gain 2-4 XP Perception and some of Eclipse, light briefcase, retention memos, sprouting seed, interoffice memo, office flask, office dress pants, office suit coat
  3. Inspect the vines - Gain 3 XP Perception
  4. Blaze a trail (with any Fire Power) - Fight Overgrown Cubicles or burn them down
  5. Leave them be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Clear them out

You begin trying to tear down the vines, but the it appears the vines have other ideas.

(Fight Overgrown Cubicles)

Loot the cubicles

You sort through the drawers. Most are empty or held shut by the vines, but a few contain something interesting.

You found: 2-3 of Eclipse, light briefcase, retention memos, sprouting seed, interoffice memo, (maybe others)

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Or, sometimes, after more infecting

Beneath the tangle of vines, you find a desiccated body still sitting in its chair. Although its flesh is papery powder and its bones have fared little better, some of its clothing remains relatively intact.

You found: one of: office dress pants, office suit coat

You found: one of: office flask, light briefcase

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Inspect the vines

The vines constantly move towards you, but it seems strangely non-threatening. They only grip gently and, even when you pull away, don't crush down.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Or, after more infecting:

The vines gently wrap around you as you inspect them, moving out of your way as you poke your head beneath the desks. It looks like they've becoming deeply entangled with the conduits beneath the floor.

That might cause some long-term problems, but they seem incredibly healthy for now.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Blaze a trail

You set fire to the vines, but they thrash forth, lashing out at you in an attempt to beat out the flames and your life.

(Fight Overgrown Cubicles)

Or, with enough Fire Power? — I got both the above result and this result at 4 FP:

You set the vines to the torch. The cubicles catch a moment later, filling the air with fire and smoke until the sprinklers kick on overhead.

You make your way through the artificial rain, the residents of the office momentarily thrown into chaos as you explore.

You take -11-28-? damage.

Leave them be

You back away from the vines. Getting around this office is confusing enough without tangling with exotic flora.

See Walk Away

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