Thugs Playing Cards



Encounter Conditions

Disappears once overcome

Initial Text

You come upon a room that's been mostly split by a high barrier. Peeking around the barrier, you can see three thugs playing cards.

The barrier's just high enough you think you can probably get a grenade over without hurting yourself. Either way, these guys don't seem like they'd just let you past.

Summary of Choices

  1. Toss a grenade over - If you have a Gas Grenade or Frag Grenade technique in your deck, kill 3 thugs, get 3 of: brass knuckles, Eclipse, grain alcohol, cheap pistol, Third Eye Shirt, Pep Pill, refilled pill bottle and remove this encounter, otherwise fight 3 Third Eye Gangers, and remove this encounter if successful
  2. Charge in - Fight 3 Third Eye Gangers, remove this encounter if successful
  3. Walk away - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Toss a grenade over

(Without any grenades)

A grenade would be great here, but you don't have any.

(Evil 1)

(With a (gas?) grenade in inventory but not in known techniques)

You have a whole pile of grenades which… would be overkill at best. You should probably back off to split them up and come back with one grenade.

(Evil 1)

(With a (gas?) grenade technique known but not in deck)

A grenade would clear those guys right out in the narrow space they're in. You have some that would do the job nicely, but wouldn't be able to dig them out without the Third Eye noticing.

(Evil 1)

(With a grenade technique in deck)


You toss a gas grenade gingerly over the barrier and hear the hiss as the room beyond fills with smoke. Lung-rending coughs echo through the halls.

Once the smoke clears, you find three dead thugs on the floor.

You found: 3 of battered cred chip, brass knuckles, Eclipse, grain alcohol, cheap pistol, Third Eye Shirt, Pep Pill, refilled pill bottle

(Evil 1)

Old text with needs confirmation. Haven't tried with anything other than frag grenades so far.

Charge in

You dart around the barrier and into the room. The moment they spot you, the Third Eye thugs leap eagerly into battle.

(Fight 3 Third Eye Gangers)

Walk away

You decide to avoid the thugs for now, even though they're blocking your progress.

See Walk Away

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