Tight Hold

Tight Hold is a special move that some opponents can do. Several opponents have a technique that can grab on to you (with tentacles, etheric powers or something else).

In general, once an opponent has a grip on you, they won't let go until they (or you) are dead, or they use a 'let go'-type technique which can release you. Some techniques behave differently if you are being held. Many techniques can be avoided being held if you counter with evasion.

While you are being held:

  • You cannot run away - even if you have much higher reflexes than your opponent.

You cannot escape! <Opponent>'s grip is too tight.

  • You are forced to target that opponent in a multi-opponent fight:

<Opponent>'s grip on you is too tight, forcing you to attack it instead of your your original target.

Gives Tight Hold

Techniques Holds vs anything but (otherwise releases) Opponents
Branch Grab Evasion Tree of Hands
Close Grab ??? Grasping Arm
Coil Wrap Evasion Armored Serpent
Drag to Maw Evasion Boxed Nightmare
Living Portal
Ruins Octopus
Writhing Mass
Writhing Hologram
Gem Maze Etheric Force Beast
Grasping Grab Melee/Fire/Stealth/Evasion Snowmonstrosity
Haul In The Air Evasion/Stealth Winged Hunter
Lunge And Grab ??? Corrupted Spider
Mutated Bum
Mist Shroud Etheric/Silver Bullets Shrouded Hand
Smother In Dark Vapors Etheric/Air Filter Dark Specter
Tight Grab Evasion/Strength? Ghostly Hand
Grasping Hand
Ruins Octopus
Tighten Wire Evasion Hanging Wires
Sink Claws Evasion Skeletal Arms
Toxic Sludge Evasion/Fire Living Sludge
Unfold Arms Fire Horned Snowman
Vine Grab Fire Overgrown Cubicles
Vine Confluence
Webbing Snare untested - needs verification Masked Spider
Webbing Wrap untested - needs verification Lurking Spider
Pit Spider

Additional techniques which are enhanced by being held

Techniques Notes Opponents
Boney Claws Skeletal Arms
Jet Away Cancels hold Ruins Octopus
Loop Wire Hanging Wires
Rubble Smash Ruins Octopus
Squeeze Bones Kraken
Ruins Octopus
Writhing Hologram
Squeeze Harder Ruins Octopus
Toss Masonry Cancels hold Ruins Octopus
Withdraw Tentacles Boxed Nightmare


Snapping Chains is enhanced if you are held, and breaks the hold.

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