Tin Soldier (Opponent)


Image tinsoldier.jpg
Combat Name The soldier
HP 21-30
Stats Perception:
Reflexes: 0
Power Melee:
Ranged: 6
Defense Melee: 10
Ranged: 0
Fire: 0
Hidden Flags Automatic Weapon, Crunchy, Dynamite immune, No Organs
Awards 5 XP
(some techniques - see below)


Using a tin soldier

On death

With a nostalgic xylophone equipped:

The sounds of screeching metal on metal inspire you to a composition on the xylophone.

You learned a new Technique: Discordant Chimes

With a nostalgic OmniYo equipped:

Huh, you might be able to use the OmniYo in combat… Well, at least it's safe to say nobody would expect it.

You learned a new Technique: Spinning Surprise

With a nostalgic teddy bear equipped:

Hmmmmm… this teddy bear won't do much in combat but there might be one way… hmmm…

You learned a new Technique: Smother

With nostalgic jacks equipped:

Interesting… you're starting to have an idea about how to use these jacks in combat.

You learned a new Technique: Scatter Jacks

While having a brick house installed in your housing (may have additional requirements).

You find some tiny ammunition among the shattered remains. They'll go nicely with your little brick house.

You learned a new Technique: Tin Shot

Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Full Auto 7 12 16-? Ranged (normal)
" 16 16-? Ranged (as closer)
Indirect Fire 8 13 13-? Ranged
Longarm 9 11 11-? Ranged (normal)
'' 16 16-? Ranged (Long Distance)


Has a special form of defense that prevents almost all damage:

<You attack>, but the worst of it cascades off the soldier's skin.

If you have Nostalgic Certainty/Tones/Comfort/Movements active, then only techniques use the same stat as the effect bonus go through; otherwise all rounds of combat are blocked.

Defeating one of these unlocks tin drone as a possible summon (for the day) from long lost nostalgia.

Eating one with Ghoultouched gives:

You crunch down on the soldier's form, regaining x Energy.

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