Tiny Squid Eyes


Image dustB25.jpg
Description These eyes, each only a bit bigger than a grain of sand, were shaved off a bizarre squid. You could probably close your eyes and pretend they're caviar. Probably.
Type Food
Requires 6 Base Will
1 Hunger
Use You take it on yourself to eat the pinch of mutant squid eyes. They don't honestly have much flavor, but you feel courageous just having tried them.
Multi You eat several pinches of flavorless eyes, trying to ignore the ones that roll to face you as though they want to see who's eating them. They're not that bad, but the world seems a little less scary now that you can compare it to eating these.
Effects Gives 2-4 Energy (normal)
3-5 Energy (primordial)
Gives X Energy of Slags Poisoning


De-eye a lake squid
Lake Squid Sashimi Knife
= Tiny Squid Eyes


Encase some Squid Eyes in Ink Extract
tiny squid eyes ink extract
= mass of squid eyes
Fuse tiny squid eyes together using nightmare fuel
Tiny Squid Eyes Nightmare Fuel
= Pulsating Eye
Clean some Tiny Squid Eyes with a Flask of Tears
Tiny Squid Eyes Flask of Tears
= Rinsed Squid Eyes
Infuse tiny squid eyes with toxic tears
Tiny Squid Eyes Toxic Tears
= Toxic Squid Eyes
Wrap Tiny Squid Eyes in Sushi Nori
Tiny Squid Eyes Sushi Nori
= Staring Maki
Grind Tiny Squid Eyes into Oily Dust using Mysterious Puzzle Box
Puzzle-Box-25.jpg Tiny Squid Eyes
= Oily Dust
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Curiosities


X = number of poisonous foods eaten previously that day.

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