Titles By ID

This is a list of all titles that have been found. This includes titles unlocked in the game as well as custom titles obtained from a scroll of declaration. The ID number can be found by viewing the page source of the account preferences (see checkbox to select it).

Unlike most "By ID" pages; each time a title is given out, it is assigned a new ID; seemingly sequentially as the next ID available in line. For example, if a player earns the "Array" title, they get the next ID available, even though the first person to record it recorded it as ID 22. For historical purposes, the following have been saved:

# Type Name
1? Custom (Kinak) the Developer
2? Custom (Kinak) the Fool
7 Custom (Al) , Purveyor of all things Unearthly (thanks Goku)
8 Custom (Valmo) the Bereaved
9 Custom (Cryptodynamic) , Lord of Pearls and Master of the Depths
? Custom (Goku) the Ascended
17 Reigning title the Builder of Snow
18 Reigning title the Killer of Snow
19 Reigning title the Terror of Snow
21 Oldtown title the Warrior-Artist
22 Oldtown title Array
29 2017 title (from Metroplex Day) , Joy of Metroplex
30 2017 title (from Metroplex Day) , Protector of Metroplex
34 2018 title (from Metroplex Day) , Joy of Metroplex
38 Oldtown title the Pacifist
66 2018 title (from Halloween 2018) , Builder of Halloween
67 2018 title (from Halloween 2018) the Bat Whisperer
68 2018 title (from Halloween 2018) , Funder of Halloween
74 Reigning title? the Holiday Headhunter,
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