crashedprogram.jpg Tools were part of the game's original hacking system, which has now been completely replaced by Novos. They no longer do anything.
For the Novos equivalent, see Functions.

Tools are granted by programs and were used in Oldos hacking.

Tool Memory Target Intensity Notes
Barrier 1 DefenseH,M 4 Helps Prism Spike, may cause recursion
Bass Games 2 None n/a
Bass Treatment 1 None n/a
Blackthorn 5 Memory 4 2 Piercing, bonus damage following Inject Code or Corrupt Datastream, possibly other hidden features(?)
Brute Force 1 Memory 1
Burst of Static 2 Memory 3 Blocks active alarms
Corrupt Datastream 2 Processor 1 Helps Blackthorn
Crash Function 3 None 0 Prevents future usage of opposing tool, stuns (?)
Data Scream 3 Processor 2
Defender Orb 1 Memory 2 ? Piercing if you're running a program incorporating Midgard internal code
Digital Serpent 1 DefenseM,(H) 6 defends vs. weak hardening attacks
Exploit 3 Memory 2 +2 damage following Probe Defenses
Extract Code 3 Hardening 3 Can extract code
False Intrusions 2 Hardening 4 1 memory damage if no hardening
Focus Signal 3 Hardening 1* * Power based on your Personal Signal
Formatting Strike 2 Memory 3 2 Piercing following Fractal Expansion
Fractal Expansion 4 Processor 1 +damage with Code Finesse
Fractal Pulse 3 Hardening 6 Targets memory after Fractal Expansion
Firewall 2 DefenseM,P 6
Gatekeeper 3 DefenseM,P 3
Inject Code 1 Memory 1 +2 if no hardening, helps Blackthorn and Trigger Signal
Inject Relay 5 Memory * * Power based on your Personal Signal
Intercept Data 2 None Enhances Password Guesser; may not work on high securiy sites
Junk Data 2 Memory 1 Disrupts opposing defenses on following pass
Kill Command 5 None Win combat instantly with enough Code Finesse
Laser Guitar 3 Memory 2
Midgard Amplification 2 Memory 1 +1 intensity if your have music active
Midgard Shield 1 DefenseH,M,P 3
Network Silence 1 Alarm 1 Blocks active alarms
Password Guesser 3 None Win instantly with enough tries; Intercept Data and Tap Security help
Prism Spike 2 Processor 1 +? damage following Barrier
Processor Cap 1 DefenseP 8
Probe Defenses 0 Memory 1 helps Exploit
Profile Data 0 None Shows opponent's attributes
Protein Code 4 Hardening 2 Attempts to repurpose a defensive system for protein analysis; full effect vs. no hardening
Rapid Testing 4 Memory 4 2 Piercing; disrupts opponent defenses on following pass
Sands of Time 3 Memory 3 Disrupts opposing defenses on following pass
Security Update 4 Repair 3 Restores hardening
Subversive Signals 3 Memory 2
Sword Daemon 4 Hardening 5 Blocks hardening-only attacks on following pass
Tap Security 1 Hardening 6 Helps Password Guesser when no hardening left
Time Bomb 3 None Helps Trigger Signal; destroys opponent after at least one round?
Trigger Signal 0 Memory 1 +? damage following Time Bomb and Inject Code
Viral Reformatting 5 Hardening 5 Change opponent to The Virus if it has no hardening
Warped Barrier 2 Defense 6 Helps Warped Projectile
Warped Projectile 5 Memory 5 +? damage following Warped Barrier
Watch Ports 0 Defense 1 Blocks "stealthy" attacks

See also Tools by ID.

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