Tough Cloth


Image Scraps-of-Cloth-Normal.jpg
Description This bit of cloth outlived its original owner, staying relatively intact in the process. Normally it wouldn't be good for much, but you could probably use it to patch something.
Type Usable
Use You carefully patch and reinforce your pants. (with Elegantly Torn Pants equipped)
That won't do you much good unless you put your pants on first. (otherwise)
Multi You carefully patch and reinforce your pants.
Effects You've gained 50 energy of Patched Pants (+2 Melee Defense).


Drops from any opponent that could possibly be wearing clothes, down to and including Ghouls.


Do your best with Tough Cloth and Ballistic Plastic
Tough Cloth Ballistic Plastic
= Improvised Ballistic Cloth
Upgrade some Tough Cloth with Hardened Plastic
Tough Cloth Hardened Plastic
= Hardened Cloth
Back Tough Cloth with some Polysteel
Tough Cloth Polysteel
= Reinforced Cloth
Drench Tough Cloth in Reactive Gel
Tough Cloth Reactive Gel
= Slimy Cloth
Fuse a Steel Ingot onto some Tough Cloth
Tough Cloth Steel Ingot
= Steel Scrap
Coat Tough Cloth with a Shining Ingot
Tough Cloth Shining Ingot
= Shining Cloth
Melt Wetsuit Fabric onto Tough Cloth
Tough Cloth Wetsuit Fabric
= Layered Aquatic Fabric
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Goods
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