Toxic Substances

Many congestibles are poisonous from exposure to the Slags. Consuming one of the slightly toxic substances may incur slags poisoning if more than one is taken. For a few substances slags poisoning will occur regardless of how many toxic substances have been taken that day. The exact amount of Slags poisoning gained depends on your toxicity score and the magnitude of the toxicity of the substance used.

Toxicity score always starts at 1 and resets after rollover. Using any toxic substance increments the toxicity score. It's important to keep in mind that the toxicity score is increased after the gains of Slags poisoning is calculated. The amount the toxicity score is increased depends on the toxicity of the substance.

Slightly Toxic Substances

Slags Poisoning = x -1
x = toxicity score
Toxicity score incremented by 1 for every slightly toxic substance consumed.

Slightly toxic substances include:

Impressively Toxic Substances

Slags Poisoning = 3x
x = toxicity score
Toxicity score increased by 3 for every impressively toxic substance used

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