Training Hook


Image Normal-Hook.jpg
Description This is a pretty awful fishing hook, but you know what they say: the strongest steel is forged in the fires of adversity. "They" in this case is either Matsuo the Demon Slayer or corporate motivational posters… maybe both.

Either way, if you can catch anything with this, you'll do great without it.
Hidden Flags Lure Effect
Effects -2 Fishing


From using an Extreme Challenge Hook (20 Energy)


Can sometimes level your fishing rank by more than one point at a time:

You've gotten much better at fishing.

After fishing encounters, adds this message:

You feel pretty good about that, challenge hook and all.

You've earned x XP in Will (x = number of objects/fish caught, divided by 2, rounded down)

Note that this message is not added after deep fishing encounters, or if you catch less than 2 items.

Only one kind of lure can be used at a time.

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