Transforming Opponents

In normal combat, as soon as you have dealt more damage to an opponent than it has HP, it will die and have no further bearing on the combat until you get rewards at the end.

However some opponents will transform into a different opponent once you kill them. Others will transform into new forms when you meet certain conditions, such as setting them on fire.

Spading is needed for specifics on how exactly this transformation takes place. Do effects carry over? Does the HP carry over if it transforms before killing it- Always? Never? Depends on opponent?

Opponents that Transform in Combat

Base Opponent Transformed Opponent(s) Trigger
Abominable Remains Freed Snowman Opponent death.
2 Fresh Snowman Fuzed Snowmen Opponent death.
Intertwined Serpents Crimson Serpent Untwined / Emerald Serpent Untwined Untwine/Twine every two rounds.
Pain Gremlin Pain Shadow/Incarnate Take enough damage from it, or last enough rounds? Using Grasp of Pain against it can speed it up.
Phoenix Phoenix (blazing) Successfully hit with 3 Fire attacks.
Skeletal Rider Skeletal Horse Deal more than ~6 damage with a single attack.
Snowmonstrosity Snowmonstrosity (inside) Get pulled in by its attacks; avoidable vs. Evasion.
Square Maw Inside the Maw Get pulled in by its attacks; avoidable vs. Evasion.
Swarm of Gems Mass/Cluster/Pair/Solitary Gem(s) Opponent death.
Towering Snowman Melting Snowman Opponent death.
Holographic Opponents:
 - Holographic Gunman
 - Holographic Mummy
 - Holographic Skull
 - Holographic Spider
 - Rag Man Hologram
 - Shark Hologram
 - Writhing Hologram*
2 more copies of that opponent Opponent death.

* Note the Writhing Hologram splits twice, so you have to fight 6 more copies.

Not sure if the Phoenix transforms into a new opponent (also named Phoenix) or just alters its stats in some way. For now, I'm assuming any opponent that can change stats is probably different.

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