Trash Golem


Image trashgolem.jpg
Combat Name In most cases: The trash heap
In possessive form: The heap's
HP 20
Stats Perception: 2
Reflexes: 1
Strength: 4
Will: 2
Power Melee: 0
Ranged: —
Fire: —
Etheric: 0
Stealth: —
Evasion: 0
Defense Melee: 2
Ranged: 2
Fire: -2
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 2
Traits Crunchy, No Organs
Awards 3 XP
All areas
You found: 1-3 of
- ancient candybars (sometimes)
- piles of dirty rags (sometimes)
- dirty old trenchcoats (sometimes)
- smelly old pants (sometimes)
- pages of old newspapers (sometimes)
You found: trash golem heart (sometimes)

And, at Southside Park
You found: one of (~20%*)
- trash golem heart (1/2)
- lead pipe (1/2)

And, at The Quad (After The Protest)
You found: lead pipe (sometimes)
You found: protest sign (sometimes)
You found: Third Eye shirt (sometimes)

And, at Open Computer Lab
You found: circuit fragments (sometimes)
You found: code on paper (sometimes)
You found: Omnicola (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 handfuls of polysteel (sometimes)

And, at Squatter's Refuge
You found: lead pipe (sometimes)

And, at Basement Ballroom (2010) - Halloween 2010 only
You found: capacitor array (sometimes)
You found: frayed cable (sometimes)
You found: lead pipe (sometimes)
You found: microcapacitor (sometimes)

And, at the Midgard Warehouse
You found: 1-3 of: scrubs top, scrubs bottoms, security visor, gas mask, dynamite, Nitro, white flakes, microrocket, protein bar, basic scope, targeting circuit, heavy pistol, Midgard MK9, lead pipe, more? (these items always drop first)
You found: prototype or quest items if appropriate (see Stacks of Crates)
(See "On Winning" below for text)


Combat Encounters, need to be etheric

The Quad


On Winning

If you are looking for the reaction chamber after using Warehouse Inventory (Midgard Warehouse only):

You find a sizable piece of circuitry and metal that looks suspiciously like the reaction chamber you've been searching for. Thankfully, it doesn't appear to have been damaged during the fighting.

You found: incomplete chamber

If you are looking for the Slags antidote after using Warehouse Inventory (Midgard Warehouse only):

You find a chunk of metal in one of the golems labeled '162' something. Hey, there's an unbroken vial of something underneath it. Lucky day!

You found: Slags antidote

If you are looking for the prototype after using Warehouse Inventory (Midgard Warehouse only):

And there's something underneath this chunk of wood and packaging labeled 'prototype.':

You found: one of the items listed on the stacks of crates page

Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Lash Out 2 2 2-3 Melee (normal)
'' 2+3 5-6 Melee (as closer)
Punch 3 2 2-4 Melee
Burrow Into Garbage 5 7 7-8 Evasion (M,R,E,S)
Trash Arm 7 7 7-9 Etheric


nomnom25.jpg You crunch down on the heap's form, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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