Truly Abstract Sketch


Image SquareSheet.jpg
Description No matter what direction you turn this sketch or how closely you look at it, it never resolves into meaningful shapes. Perhaps it's just madness rendered on paper, but it feels like there should be something there, even if you have to provide it yourself.
Type Usable
Use If you don't already have another sketch active:
You can't really make heads or tails of this sketch. It really might just be random nonsense or maybe you need to brush up on your art. (Does not consume item or provide effects.)

Ah, of course, it's not really that abstract, it's just bits and pieces from all sorts of sketches. It's like a cryptographic key, sending your thoughts tumbling.
Multi (Same as single use message, except with "these sketches" in place of "this sketch".)
Effects If you already have one or more effects active from other Emerald Meditation sketches, or Artist's Perspective, gain an additional 20 energy of those effects.

If you have Call of the Gift, Defense of the Gift, and Battle for the Gift, lose all energy of those effects and experience the following:

A flickering humanoid shape of crystal and green fire rises from the sketch. His mouth twists into a smile as a voice, female unlike the shape before you, pushes into your mind.

"Claim your gift."

You gain 20 energy of <any sketch effects other than battle/call/defense of the Gift>

(Fight Flickering Guard)


Using Emerald Meditation


Note: if you have just Artist's Perspective active, it gives you the default "can't make heads or tails" message. But if you have Artist's Perspective an another sketch as well, it extends both by 20 each.

If you fight a Flickering Guard, it uses up 1 energy. If you are at zero energy, you can still fight it though.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg paper mache (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Curiosities
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