Resting in a location with a TV allows you to gain benefits depending on which program happens to be on. Your apartment in Southside may contain the following TVs:

If you have a TV in your apartment, you will always watch TV when you rest there.

A gang hideout may contain:

You will not always watch TV when resting in a TV-equipped hideout. Presumably, the chance that you will watch TV is greater with a bank of TVs, but this has not been spaded.

A personal comm dish adds additional effects.

Different types of TVs receive different types of programming:

Program Type
TV Type Common Descrambled Static
antique plasma TV X - -
Zaibatsu TV X - -
descrambled TV X X -
shorted TV - - X
Gang Hideout Enhancements
bank of TVs X - -
shared TV X - -

Note that if you have both a shorted TV as well as another TV installed, you will never get the shorted channels, unless you specifically use that TV in your apartment. Since you rest when you watch TV, you will also regain hit points in addition to the effects of the program you see. (See Resting for details.)


TV programs were revamped on August 30, 2010. See Old TV Programs for the old list.

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