Twisting Organs


Image twistingorgans.jpg
Description An attack or not depending on perspective
Chain 5
Type None
Attribute Strength

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You squish around your organs disquietingly.
With visible organs installed 9* (M, R)
Your organs shift visibly under your skin.
<opponent attacks>, but despite their visibility your organs are well-secured, preventing all but <X> of the damage.
With visible organs installed and Etheric 12 Does not cost Etheric
Your organs burst forth, lashing at <opponent> for <x> etheric damage.
With visible organs installed and opponent is Etheric 16 Does not cost Etheric, overrides previous result.
Your organs writhe visible under your skin, lashing out to strangle <opponent> for <x> etheric damage.

* Uses Evasion Power for the evasion, uses Etheric Power for the attack forms.


Getting beaten to hell while Etheric with visible organs installed, with all known instances of Twisting Organs already in your deck

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