Unclassified Techniques

Unclassified Techniques do not fall into one of the normal Classes. Thus far they are all listed as Type "None". The note in the gas grenade technique tell us that "Techniques of Type None ignore armor and defensive Techniques".

Legend (technique derived from)
Limited time content Quests
Unearthly Quest derivatives
Unearthly derivatives No trade
Not learnable Other

Unclassified Techniques

Other techniques that do untyped damage

Unclassified Technique Info

Technique Chain Attribute Notes
Dynamite 2 None 10 fire damage at end of chain
Inject Venom 2 None Poisons your enemy
Petrol Splash 3 None Each fire attack later in the chain stuns your target
Blocky Script 5 None Gives you and your opponent Blocky Script effect
Check Your Pockets 4 None Allows you to get special stuff from the spacious cargo pants
Angular Script 5 None Gives you and your opponent Angular Script effect
Catch Reflection 5 None Allows you to get extras from Mirror Gazing
Channel Inspiration 5 Will Does various types of damage depending on your effects
Coin Flip 5 None Does damage based on equipped coins
Declaration 5 None Announce your presence
Do Nothing 5 None
Jade Ward 5 None Gives a beneficial effect with and without the jade amulet equipped
Flowing Script 5 None Gives you and your opponent Flowing Script effect
Mysterious Script 5 None Gives you and your opponent Mysterious Script effect
Tubegrown Thoughts 5 None Can evade Etheric techniques
Twisting Organs 5 Strength ??
Breath Of Dust 6 Will Does Fire damage with Eclipse
Pyrophobia 6 Will Does Etheric or Fire damage with Eclipse
Crack the Stone 7 Perception Does variety of damage types with philosopher stone equipped
Holosighting 7 None Reduces the target's Evasion Power, Etheric Defense, and Ranged Defense by 2
Take Root 7 None Can give Set Roots effects.
Blossoming Peace 8 Will Gives Peace of Blossoms effect and sometimes evades.

Techniques that do direct damage

Technique Chain Attribute Notes
Shield Block 3 Strength 3 Base Damage, increases with Evasion Power
Smother 4 Will 4 Base Damage
Gas Grenade 4 Reflexes 4 Base Damage
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