Under The Tree



Encounter Conditions

Only during Christmas 2009
Appear to only be encountered once per day
Can appear if you are Etheric

Initial Text

You find a strange sight in Southside Park: a bum nestled firmly under a fake Christmas tree. Well, it looks like at least someone found a way to avoid the snow.

You can hear him snoring lightly as you pass by.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask him about it - Unlocks Festive Pier at The Docks
  2. Enjoy the tree - Gain 20 energy of Holiday Cheer
  3. Grab the tree - Fight Insane Bum (drops Fake Christmas tree)
  4. Let him sleep -

Choice Text and Results

Ask him about it

He perks up a bit. "Oh yeah, some nice folk have been giving 'em away here every year for… well since the drones drove my dad's farm out of business and I moved here. But this year, they didn't come."

He huddles closer under his tree. "And I was like 'dammit, where am I gonna sleep when it snows?' But I heard somebody down at the Docks was holding things up."

"So, when it snowed, I went down there and snagged one." He shrugs.

"That's all I know. Maybe you could convince them to be more neighborly, but I sure couldn't."

Unlocks Festive Pier at the Waterfront

Enjoy the tree

You stand for a while, staring at the tree. It's almost perfect, with the fiber optics glittering through the fresh snow.

For a second, you're almost able to forget the world's problems.

You've gained 20 energy of Holiday Cheer.

Grab the tree

He snaps to attention suddenly, as though he was expecting foul play, and leaps to the defense of his impromptu home.

Let him sleep


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